Colin Cowherd reveals how the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty is altering LeBron James’ legacy

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Looking ahead to Game 3 of the 2018 NBA FInals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State, Colin Cowherd reveals how Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant's Warriors are altering LeBron James' legacy. Do you agree with Colin?

COLIN COWHERD: It was showing how Golden State's current dynasty is absolutely altering the legacy of LeBron James. It's a pretty fascinating stat. In the last four years as LeBron's, you know, legacy is being defined-- in the last four years, LeBron is 9-19 against the Warriors. He's 257-122 against everybody else.

So he's got a 68% winning percentage against the league. 32% winning percentage against the Warriors. He is 12-0 in the playoffs against the league. He is 1-2 and about to be 1-3 against the Warriors. And what it really proves, and it's so clear, the NBA is like every other business.

You have got tier 1, the dynasty. Tier 2, LeBron James. And tier 3 is everybody else. And this is the way it works in every business. Go to coffee. Starbucks is 40% of the market. Dunkin' Donuts is 22% of the market. Everybody else cobbled together doesn't equal Microsoft. They don't.

Same in burgers. McDonald's, one. Burger King, two. You can argue about three. Same in mobile phones. It's the iPhone. It's the Android. Who's number three? Is Nokia still around? The PalmPilot? Grandma's flip phone? And the funny thing about business is the everybody else group is always absolutely convinced they're this close.

Oh yeah, Pete's Coffey is this close. Not really. Nokia, this close. Not really. Everybody else in burgers, not really. Go look at beverages. Coke, Pepsi. What are we looking at, RC Cola? You think they're close to Pepsi? [CHUCKLING] I mean, think about the Houston Rockets. They're convinced we are this close. Really.

Chris Paul was heard again. In the last four years, Chris Paul, who this morning I'm reading is going to demand a max deal. Good luck with that. Chris Paul has played fewer games in each of the last four years. And oh, by the way, I'm watching that iso-ball. It does appear the last two years James Harden in that iso-offense is exhausted by the end of the year.

But they think they're close. How about Boston Celtics? We are right there. Really? You went one in seven on the road in the East. You couldn't beat the Bucks, Milwaukee, on the road in the playoffs. They took you 7. Couldn't beat LeBron at home with that group of misfits. And Kyrie Irving couldn't stay healthy at Duke. Forget the NBA.

Philadelphia 76ers, I really like them Colin. Their two best players don't really shoot. And Joel Embiid, let's be honest. First two years in the NBA, couldn't play, was hurt. Third year, played half the games. Even last year he played fewer minutes than any other star. It's like every other business.

You've got the dynasty Starbucks. You've got somebody chasing them, Dunkin' Donuts. And then it's everybody else. And everybody else thinks they're really close, and they're not. They're not. Philadelphia's not close. Boston's not close right now. They've got real issues. Houston thinks they are. They're not. And let's be honest about LeBron.

If LeBron gets wiped out in this series and decides to go somewhere else, everybody else is further apart than they are now. Because everybody else, Boston when they get Kyrie the Sixers as they grow next year in Houston-- I mean, by next year they're better than tier 2, right? But what if LeBron in tier 2 decides to go somewhere else?

Then it's gonna be Golden State, the Rockets with LeBron, and everybody else is even further away. But remember, when you watch this game tonight, LeBron is tier 2. And look how far away he is from the Warriors. We all know Golden State could sweep this series. We know that, right? But tonight, they're fighting apathy.

They're fighting what great teams and teams with a 2-0 lead always fight. Can they get up emotionally and get rid of this team quickly? My gut feeling is Golden State would love, love to sweep LeBron. And if they feel like it and they're energized and they're focused, they will. Because we know they're better at every position except LeBron.