Colin Cowherd explains why Andrew Luck is holding the Indianapolis Colts together

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Colin Cowherd explains why Andrew Luck is holding the Indianapolis Colts together and why Chuck Pagano feels like Andrew Luck's play earned him a few more years as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

- By and large, you and I agree on a lot of football stuff, almost always. Here's where you have whiffed. Andrew Luck. You whiffed on him. You still don't get it. It's OK, nobody's perfect. But you whiffed on him, you just don't get it.

Chuck Pagano was on First Things First this morning, and largely admitted, I got an extra year or two of coaching in the NFL because of Andrew Luck.

- I expect Andrew to be the old Andrew, and come back, and play great football this season and beyond.

I love Andrew Luck, and he's a phenom-- he got me more years.

- He still a phenom.

- He is. He's a phenom.

- Folks, all I ever hear about Andrew Luck is he's overrated, OK? Now think about this. He came into the league with a kooky owner, a GM that was incompetent, a coach that just got fired, and the worst roster in the league. Those are not arguments. That's why they had the number one pick.

And he went 11 and 5 as a rookie. Tom Brady could not do that. Listen, let me just give you the average wins in the last 10 years for Brady, Brees, and Aaron Rodgers compared to Andrew Luck. Put this up. He's averaging 10 wins a year. That's his average season.

OK. Brady's averaging 12 and 1/2 with the best owner and the best coach in the league, and almost always above average rosters. Brees is averaging fewer wins per season with a legendary offensive coach, and Mickey Loomis, an above average general manager, and a great home field advantage. Aaron Rodgers averaging 10 and 1/2 wins.

Folks, Andrew Luck is in that class with an impulsive, sometimes kooky owner. A GM that was, at the time, mostly viewed as incompetent, a defensive minded coach who's been fired. And for most of his career, I would say a sketchy roster.

What don't you get about this? Listen, there's three quarterbacks that I've always liked more than you have. And then there's three that you like more than I do. And I think I'm right. Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Tony Romo are the three that I like on average more than fans. That's because Andrew Luck, since 2011, the Colts are 43 and 27 with him, 12 and 30 without him. Russell Wilson has the second highest passer rating of all time. Tony Romo, fourth.

I've always liked those guys more than the media and the public. Now there are three quarterbacks that you like a lot more than I do. Matt Ryan, who if you take out one year in the last decade with Kyle Shanahan, gives you 24 touchdowns, and a 91 passer rating. That's a B quarterback. Cam Newton, you love him. He's never had back to back winning seasons. Stop making excuses.

And Marcus Mariota, he's a nonverbal player at a verbal position. He throws too many picks. He runs too much and gets hurt. I still don't think he's an elite reader of defenses. Last year, he had 13 TDs and 15 picks. He ain't a rookie. Step it up, dude. Be better.

I just don't think people get Andrew Luck. He walked into this league-- listen, man, all of us are somewhat vulnerable to who our boss is. Who our owner is. Who our coworkers are. His owner, his GM, his coach, his roster-- he's dealing with C minus, D plus stuff so far, and he's given you a 10 wins a year until he got the hell beat out of him in the last two years. He's just not healthy.

I mean, the guy is just not healthy. But I just don't think the public gets it. Chuck Pagano admitting, yeah, he got me more years than I deserved in the NFL. It's--

Don't get it. I just-- I don't think it's that difficult.