Colin Cowherd discusses the major mistakes made during Game 1 of the NBA Finals

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Colin Cowherd talks about JR Smith's blunder and also the overturned charge call as turning points in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals.

- Let me start with this. If I'm reading something, I'm reading this piece of paper, and I can't make it out. Oh, I can't-- ooh, I can't-- [BABBLING]. I got to put on glasses. Oh, OK, wait. Oh wait, I still can't-- I still can't read that thing. Then the glasses are useless. If I can't read it here and I can't read it here, then the glasses I just put on are useless.

If there's a judgment call in the NBA and we're all arguing about it-- judgment call-- and then you go to replay and it's still a judgment call, then replay can't be used to overturn something. Technology is great when it gives a definitive answer. I'm watching this play with LeBron prereplay and I'm arguing about it. Could go either way. And the NBA decides, let's go to a replay, and I still can't figure out what it is.

That's why the NFL doesn't use replay on holding. They don't use replay on pass interference because it's a judgment call pre and post-technology. OK, if replay, like your glasses, can't give you the absolute definitive truth, the glasses are useless. The replay shouldn't be used. That's the game right there.

We're talking about JR Smith. That's the game. Because if the refs don't overturn a judgment call-- which Steve Javie disagrees with the other refs-- the Cavs are up by 2, 35 seconds left, Lebron's ball. They can close the game out. We don't have an overtime. We don't have a JR Smith controversy. Good god, that's a go-either-way call, pre- and post-- pre- and postreplay.

By the way, the fact that you disagree with me is proving it because a judgment is when you and I are disagreeing. Definitive is, oh yeah, that was out of bounds. You know, the refs can look at a guy's foot and go, OK, that's a two, not a three. That's definitive, right? The sneaker's over the line. The sneaker's touching the line. But the fact that half my audience this morning you're disagreeing on if that was a block or a charge proves that it is a judgment call.

And again, if you're trying to put me-- let's say you think I rob a bank. That guy in that blue sweater, that guy robbed a bank. But your evidence is kind of fuzzy. And then you go, hey, we've got a security camera. And then the security camera, oh, that's kind of fuzzy too. I'm not going to jail. Can't throw me in if the evidence is fuzzy and then the technology is fuzzy.

This series was supposed to be about number 23, LeBron, and number 35, Durant. And you know what game one was about-- this picture, number 41, ref on the left, and number 25, ref on the right.

Forget the fact there's no way in hell the NBA refs would have reversed a Michael Jordan call at the end of a game. Forget that. Forget the fact that they took one away from LeBron. I watched-- I watched MJ for 20 years and I never saw him get a call taken away from him in a finals game. I mean, forget that part.