Colin Cowherd explains why Kevin Durant’s performance is a bigger deal then JR Smith’s blunder

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Colin Cowherd explains why Kevin Durant's performance during overtime is a bigger deal then JR Smith not knowing the score at the end of regulation.

COLIN COWHERD: You know who's really, really happy about that JR Smith blunder? I know somebody is really happy. Well, Colin, the Warriors. No, no, no. Not just the Warriors. You know who's really happy about that bonehead play by JR Smith? Kevin Durant. Let me read you-- the guy you think is better than LeBron, let me read you his fourth quarter. 0 for 4, 3 points, 2 on a free throw and an overturned call. He let JR Smith-- with 4 1/2 seconds left, six inches shorter, jump over him and snag a rebound.

Kevin Durant didn't take a shot in overtime. When Kevin Durant was guarding LeBron James, LeBron was 10 for 15. Kevin Durant again in a fourth quarter, stunk the joint up. And nobody's talking about it. This morning, all we're talking about is that blunder by JR Smith. And Kevin Durant is the luckiest guy in the world. Hell, you're saying LeBron wasn't good in the overtime. Kevin Durant didn't take a shot in the overtime. Kevin Durant was invisible in the fourth quarter.

This is what's amazing about Kevin Durant. The gap between one and two is amazing. Kevin Durant got the Western Conference finals MVP. Steph had three moments where he made it rain and changed the series. Klay Thompson changed game six. Chris Paul dominated the first five, and Durant won the MVP. Kevin Durant-- probably going to win the MVP these Finals, because he fills up a box score like nobody else. But he was missing in action for most of the fourth quarters in the Western Conference Finals. Crickets. Not a word.

Last night-- overtime, fourth quarter-- he was invisible. And you're telling me you want to talk about LeBron James on one pass to George Hill? Good God. I said this last week. There's the Grand Canyon and you don't even have a second canyon you know in the United States. Lebron's the Grand Canyon. Whatever the second biggest canyon is in America, that's Durant. We're all talking about JR Smith, and we're not talking about an abysmal late game, last hour of real time for Kevin Durant. For the record.