Colin Cowherd unveils why leaving Russell Westbrook was Kevin Durant’s best decision ever

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In light of the Golden State Warriors advancing to their 4th straight NBA Finals, Colin Cowherd reflects on Kevin Durant's tumultuous decision to leave Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder, revealing why he believes this was the best decision KD has ever made. Would Durant have won a title in OKC had he not left Russ?

- It looks like-- at least Vegas is saying this-- it looks like that Kevin Durant is going to win another Finals and is the odds on favorite to be the MVP of this Finals as well. And listen, I know when those two got a divorce, you, the audience-- because I read my Twitter feed and I took the calls-- you sided with Westbrook. He was more loyal. He's a quality guy. He's a company guy. He didn't desert his teammate. And you all bagged on Kevin Durant-- ring chaser! Bad guy! Flake! Can't depend on him!

Two years after the divorce, I just want to put this graph up with some numbers. Westbrook-- last two playoff runs, three and eight. Durant, 26 and 6. Westbrook now shooting under 40%, Durant over 50%. Three-point percentage, not close, nor is the plus/minus.

Everybody sided with loyal guy. Everybody banged on Kevin Durant. Folks, any divorce for any couple-- check in two years later. Who has more friends? Who's more respected? Who's winning more? It's not close, and the gap is widening. Durant made the right call.