Colin Cowherd points out some signs that LeBron James is on his way out of Cleveland

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Colin Cowherd analyzes LeBron James' behavior during the NBA season and believes he is leaving Cleveland. Do you agree with Colin?

You don't have to be Matlock. All right? We've got some, we've got some clues here. The squeeze comment. I'm just trying to squeeze everything out of this roster. The low handshake. And he says yesterday, to get all his messages out, I've got a working relationship with the owner. I told him I didn't want to trade Kyrie, they did. Told them I didn't want them to fire David Griffin, GM, they did.

Folks! I mean, again this isn't even subtle. He drops it right before the finals. This gives him an out. This is what somebody does before they break up. You know, they pick little fights. They say stuff two, three weeks before. [SIGHS] Something's not right. I wish you wouldn't have done that. I mean I wouldn't have done that. Come on, man.

Again, we've got multiple, multiple examples here dropped right before the finals. Listen, don't kid yourself in the media, and this is no criticism of the other network or that reporter, it's not. But there are people viewed in the media as pro LeBron, LeBron friendly, can help LeBron with his message. That's not a criticism. That's a good spot to be in right now. He's America's most popular athlete. Right? Or certainly in the argument. But to come out before the finals, those questions asked, perfectly for LeBron to drop the hammer. And drop the hammer, and drop the hammer.

That's what you do before you leave. Everybody listening to the show, man or woman, you've known a couple of weeks out you're breaking up, and you pick fights, and you lay. You're trying to soften the blow. And I know what you're saying, right now you're saying Colin, that is really a reach Colin. That is really a reach.

Well, what do you know? What happens when people want to leave a relationship? They already start having an emotional and sometimes physical affair with somebody else. Oh, look at this story. What do you know? Mark Steyn of the New York Times reports Chris Paul over the last 48 hours is actively recruiting LeBron James to go to Houston. Folks! I mean, you can't make this stuff up.

I mean, most people sad to say, have somebody else in mind before they cut the cord with somebody. Last 48 hours Chris Paul's talking to him. And then suddenly LeBron has an interview right before the finals. Drops the hammer make sure everybody knows. Kyrie Irving, I wanted him. David Griffin, I wanted him. Owner, working relationship with him.

You know what's interesting about these Finals, because I don't believe LeBron has officially made up his mind yet. But remember when LeBron left Miami, we know Golden State's going to win this championship, but how will they win it could decide where he goes.

There's a lot to be decided here. Listen, Houston let's be honest, they're rooting for LeBron to get swept. They want LeBron to get swept, lose in five, get completely rolled by Golden State. Because then Houston during the sales pitch can go to LeBron and say bro, you're not close. It's like JR Smith, Kyle Korver, Kevin Love, they're not getting any younger. You don't want it to be close if you're Houston. You want LeBron to get flushed out quickly and realize.

Because you know if you're Houston, he did move back to Cleveland. He did move back to Akron. It's in his heart. LeBron's a good guy. He moved back. He wanted to help his hometown. That's tugging at him. That's tugging at him.

Houston's looking for a route. Houston looking for LeBron to feel in 10 days, man ain't close. There's no answers here. We're not even remotely in the same class with Golden State. I don't want to go to the finals again for the next couple of years and get humiliated. So Houston is rooting for a sweep, a five gamer, an ugly LeBron loss.

What are the Lakers rooting for? The opposite. Lakers winning a very competitive series. Lakers want a very, very competitive series. They don't want LeBron to win in Cleveland, because if LeBron wins in Cleveland he's not going to Los Angeles. Why would you leave? The Lakers want LeBron to lose, but lose in like six. So they can go to LeBron and say listen man, you got close with that group. We're going to give you Kuzma, and Julius Randle had his best year, and Kyle Kuzma. We got a great coach in Luke Walton. We can get Paul George. I mean, you got this close man. And we're young and getting better, that roster you're with is old and getting worse.

Philadelphia is rooting for the Cavs to lose and for LeBron to have to play every minute with an old, slow roster. Philadelphia, they want LeBron to lose, obviously. But they want him to lose and have to play a lot, and be fatigued, and be worn out. So Philadelphia can turn and say hey listen man, we got two stars. Ben Simmons will take a lot of work load off on ball handling. We got young guys. Sarich and Embiid, Simmons. And we got Ben Simmons here. You're not going to have to play 48 minutes. You can go play off the ball dude.

Everybody is rooting for something different. That's why these Finals are fascinating. Because it's not just that Golden State's going to win, how they win will determine Lebron's future. Remember when he was in Miami, first year lost to Dallas. Second year won. Third year, won. Fourth year, loss. But it was how they lost.

Now, if that Miami team would've beaten San Antonio, he may still be in Miami. But it wasn't just that they lost in Miami, it's just they were routed by the Spurs. They looked old, tired, beat up. So LeBron-- Yeah I not only lost in Miami, how I lost. We're getting old, beat up, injured, slow. And he joined younger Tristan Thompson. He joined younger Kyrie Irving, and brought what had been a healthy veteran Kevin Love.

Like we know Golden State is going to win this thing. How they win it matters. And according to the New York Times, according to a guy you can trust Mark Steyn, Chris Paul has already made contact.