Colin Cowherd explains why Kevin Durant isn’t on his Top 10 players of All Time list

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Colin Cowherd lists his NBA Top 10 players of All Time and explains why Kevin Durant doesn't make the cut.

COLIN COWHERD: You know, some things in sports are hard to predict. Here's what's not hard to predict. In two weeks or less, the Warriors will have destroyed the Altman Cavs in the finals. And every radio host, and every columnist, and every blogger, and every Twitter nerd is going to rush to the internet and go, Kevin Durant's better than LeBron.

Oh, stop. Hell, he's not better than Steph Curry. Steph Curry bailed him out in game seven of this past series. And Klay Thompson bailed him out in game six of the series. He was invisible in most of the fourth quarters. Stop it.

LeBron's bigger, stronger, more iconic, more relevant, does everything except shoot a mid-range jumper better. Stop it. Good god. LeBron is the greatest Swiss army knife in the league.

Steph Curry changed the NBA. Kevin Durant didn't. Analytically, the numbers prove the Warriors miss Curry more than Kevin Durant. They're fine without Durant. They still go on winning streaks. They are not the same team without Steph Curry, from pacing to shooting. And we also know that Steph Curry won a championship in the Bay before Kevin Durant arrived. Kevin Durant couldn't win anything before Steph Curry joined forces.

So those three things are inarguable. Curry changed the game, the three-point shot. He changed the look of basketball, pro and college. Kevin Durant didn't do that.

Analytically, Curry's the better player and changes the Warriors. You can't argue that. And you can't argue that Curry won a title without him. Kevin Durant didn't win squat without Curry.

I went to my-- and by the way, Durant was talking about the comparisons to LeBron James, which everybody is going to make. I'm not. Kevin Durant's going to win, probably fills up the box score and wins the MVP. His MVPs don't feel like Michael Jordan's finals MVPs. They do not. I watched them both. He goes, "I can't control that," said Kevin Durant. "I know what I bring to the team. I know my role on the team. It's the only thing I can do." I can help us win championship. That's a nice thing to say.

My top 10 players of all time-- now, generally, I don't count centers. You know, they got the DNA gift from god. All right? But if I just said most lists include centers, OK? So instead of just being annoying, I'll just give you my top 10 players of all time.

Michael Jordan, I don't think will finish as the best player ever because I think LeBron in four years will surpass him, but right now, let's not argue. We'll put Michael Jordan number one. I'll put number two, LeBron because I believe LeBron's going to blow away Michael in every statistical category. He's going to get the 10 or 12 finals. LeBron does more things better than anybody ever, so right now it's MJ, one, LeBron, two.

Listen, Kareem, leading scorer, greatest, most unstoppable offensive shot in the game's history. He was also a great defensive player. He's got titles. He changed Milwaukee. He changed the Lakers. He changed the league. Good god, he was so good in college they said, hey, wait a minute, freshmen can't play because Kareem will dominate. Story about UCLA is one of my favorite stories ever. He goes to UCLA as a freshman. UCLA had been champions, national champions. As a freshman, he takes the freshman team and they beat the national champs.

Number four, Magic Johnson. Again, he's like LeBron James but not as physically fast, strong, or gifted. Magic, to me, has always been a lot closer to Michael Jordan. He got the nine finals than people want to admit.

Number five is Wilt Chamberlain. Good god, he scored 100 points. He also scored 80 multiple times. He scored 70 a dozen times. He was the most dominant player, Kareem and Michael Jordan included, in the game's history. Was he a flake? Yes. Was he a good teammate? No. The women thing? Ew. The point is, he's top five.

All right. Number six, Larry Bird. Folks, when Larry Bird broke into the league-- Google the stories. You know what they were saying? They'd never had anything like this. A 6' 9.5" guy's the best shooter in basketball. 6' 9.5" guys rebounded. They played defense. They didn't shoot. He was the best shooter in the league as a 6' 9" four.

Number seven, Tim Duncan. We had a 15-year dynasty in San Antonio. Walked into the league, was a great player. In the middle, in his peak years, he won four titles. Then when he was an old man, he won a title. He's also one of the great teammates and most coachable superstars of all time.

Number eight, Bill Russell. I wasn't around but if you win 11 titles and you're kind of-- I mean, if you think about what he had to deal with off the court in that time in America and what he was doing on the court. Plus I like the story that he threw up before every game. Bonus points on vomit. Threw up before every game in his career and still was amazing, 11 titles, and a great teammate by the way. Understood the game, very intellectual player.

Number nine, Shaq. Jerry Tarkanian-- one night, we're out having a cocktail at a bar. Jerry Tarkanian walks in, and he tells me, there's this kid. He's like 18 years old at LSU. His name is Shaq. He's going to change the league forever. He was right, he did.

Number 10, Kobe Bryant. Listen, five titles. He's the closest thing athletically to Michael Jordan we've ever seen.

Here's my point. Kevin Durant's not getting in there. Who am I taking out? Who am I taking out? Let's say Durant wins four more titles, but he had to join a dynasty. By the way, here's another thing, is that--

And I like Kevin Durant. He fills up a box score. He got named the MVP of the last series. And I'm serious, [INAUDIBLE]. Steph Curry won two games with these five-minute three-point blitzes. Klay Thompson won game six. Kevin Durant didn't win a single game. I would argue Chris Paul was more valuable in the series. Steph was more valuable. James Harden was a bigger storyline, and Durant wins the MVP.

And he's going to win the MVP of the finals. He fills up a box score. And I'm not saying he's great,. But there have been guys in the NBA that fill up that box score and you're like, I'm not sure they were the most important person on his team. Steph Curry, to me, was the most important Warrior. They don't win the series without Steph Curry.