Colin Cowherd is split between the two teams LeBron James could sign with this summer

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James. Find out which two teams he thinks are contenders to sign 'The King' this summer.

- --you squeeze the last thing. You can't out of this roster. Any time in life you say, I'm gonna squeeze the last blank out of blank, the next thing is discarding the blank. So he comes out and says-- and here's what I think about LeBron, where he is right now on where he's gonna play next. There is no perfect spot. There is no perfect spot.

Let's take the Rockets. He's watching Chris Paul last night. Chris Paul, last four years, every year plays fewer games. He's 33, 14th year-- LeBron looks at that and thinks, I did that with D. Wade. He's not as talented as D. Wade. He's older than D. Wade. I don't wanna do that again. Go join a Buddy. No room for a good bench. Buddy gets hurt in the playoffs, I'm carrying it. So to me, "LeBrockets", out.

Then I look at the Lakers. Brandon Ingram missed 23 games. Lonzo Ball missed 30 games. Super, super, young roster. LaVar Ball, head case, kind of a loud mouth hanging out there. Then I watch the Sixers. Joel Embiid, first two years, couldn't play, hurt. Third year, played half of it, hurt. This year, played fewer minutes per game than any other star player in the league. That's not perfect.

And then I'm looking at the Cavs. This Cavs roster has four of the worst contracts in the NBA. Tristan Thompson, JR Smith-- who I like-- George Hill, Jordan Clarkson. I'll put them on the screen. I won't even read them for radio. They're awful. You're paying guys double what they're worth. In one case, not to be mean, Jordan Clarkson could be triple.

There is no perfect place. But this-- this jumps out to me. LeBron can't depend on Joel Embiid. He can't depend on Lonzo Ball or Brandon Ingram's health. He can't depend on Chris Paul's health. And that Cavs roster is getting older and Kevin Love's hurt now. He can't depend on anybody of the four options, that we presume to be the leading four.

But what can LeBron depend on? Himself. And I was told this by somebody in the last month. And he said, man, I've played with two legends. And I'm not gonna tell you who the legends are or it will give away who the person is. But he said, you know what legends do at the end of their career? They bet on themselves.

What is the one city in America with all those transplants that moved there to bet on themselves? What do we call the "City of Dreams"? Where is the place you go, give up a good job, move to, to pursue something and you just bet on yourself? Your mom can't afford to live out there. Your family can't come out with you. Your in-laws aren't there. Where is the one American city you chase your dreams? And you often go by yourself-- too expensive for your cousins and family to move out. It's Los Angeles.

LeBron can't depend on Chris Paul's health, Kevin Love's health, Joel Embiid's health. Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, collectively-- their health and lack of experience. He can depend on himself. And this is the city where you change your brand, you change your image, and you change your life. I'll put the pie chart up. I really believe today it's 51-49, Lakers and the Cavs.