Colin Cowherd unveils why the NBA MVP award has become too outdated like the Heisman Trophy

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Drawing upon what he learned from watching James Harden shrink in the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors, Colin Cowherd unveils why the NBA MVP award has become too outdated like the Heisman Trophy, noting that LeBron James stats this season are actually far superior than The Beard's, yet people have already decided that Harden is more deserving.

- If you watched LeBron the last two weeks, and you watch James Harden, and you still think Harden is a more valuable player, I-- I can't help you. There's nothing I can do. Like-- like, I'm not going to argue with you. Like, I'm going to-- I'm-- there are certain things in life I'm not going to argue. And one of them is, if you and I are going to sit and go back and forth, and you can actually watch LeBron James, who has been the most valuable player in every playoff series, win or lose, he's been in in 10 years, and then you watch James Harden, James Harden wasn't the most valuable guard on his team.

If you'd have voted MVP in this series, I would have said Steph 1, KD 2, Chris Paul 3, then I'd get into Klay and Harden, and either one, I would have been fine with. I mean, so, again, if you're going-- if you're going to argue-- but here's what I would say. The NBA MVP award's becoming the Heisman Trophy.

I love college football. But I have said this for 10 years. The ratings have been going down on the Heisman for like five straight years. There's a reason. You figured it out. It's a stupid award. It doesn't mean anything. It's the same position, same 10 schools. It's stat padding. Big 12 quarterbacks are great. They go to the NFL-- they can't play. The reason the Heisman award has become-- it's too parochial. The voting is provincial. It's absurd.

The Southern voters vote for their guy. The West Coast voters vote for their guy. The Midwest guys, the Texas guys vote for their guy. It's parochial. It doesn't mean anything. This is what's becoming of the NBA MVP. But Colin, but Colin it's a regular season award. That's why James Harden won. And, yeah, during the regular season I kept screaming, he ain't that valuable.

I mean, let's look at this year-- total points, assists, rebounds, field goal percentage, minutes, games played, triple-doubles. LeBron doesn't win, he blows Harden away. Good-- I'm not even into triple-doubles. He's got four a half times as many. I'm not even into rebounds. He's got double assists, points, minutes. Good god, he shoots 54%. Harden shoots 45%. Efficiency, total, volume, minutes. But wipe that off the screen. Here's my point.

We think less of the Heisman because we've seen for years it doesn't really translate to anything. That's my point with the MVP. It started when Derrick Rose won it-- little tiny Derrick Rose. He wins the MVP, then he goes into the playoffs and gets dominated by LeBron, and we never consider Derrick Rose an MVP again. We never do.

Russell Westbrook last year, MVP triple-double. Goes into the playoffs, unravels. He offered the triple-double this year. Didn't even consider him as the MVP. James Harden MVP goes into the series. Yeah. When he doesn't get the call and the whistle, which you don't get in May and June, he's not really nearly as valuable. Why should I look at James Harden next year and keep saying, yeah, he's the MVP of the league.

I mean, it's becoming the Heisman Trophy. When Derrick Rose won it then bombed in the playoffs, we never considered him again. Westbrook won MVP last year, unravels in the playoffs. We didn't take him seriously this year. Look at James Harden every series of these playoffs. Turnovers up, three-point percentage down.

Listen, man. It's become the Heisman Trophy. I can't take the award seriously. It stat padding. It's getting calls you won't get in May. I don't take it seriously. I roll my eyes at it. Karl Malone over MJ? Come on, brah. Derrick Rose over LeBron, Westbrook over LeBron, Harden over LeBron? Bro, can't take you seriously.