Colin Cowherd reveals why the gap between LeBron and everyone else is bigger than ever

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Hear why Colin Cowherd says the gap between LeBron James and the other top NBA players is bigger than ever now.

- I came out with my top 10 NBA players list. And it got a lot of criticism. You didn't like Ben Simmons ahead of James Harden. But we've seen James Harden tail off for long stretches in this series. And I think Ben Simmons is a better passer, a bigger, stronger body, a better finisher at the rim. I think he's a better defender. And I think next year Ben Simmons is going to be a 20, 10, and 9 guy and the best defensive point guard in a decade.

Now, you also push back on Klay Thompson at number 10. And as Rachel I just talked about, no ego could fit on any starting five effortlessly. I can't even say that with LeBron, because I think he could disrupt the Warriors' starting five or perhaps next year, Boston's starting five. And there's my rankings.

Kyrie Irving's hurt a lot. But I do think he's the best finisher with either hand-- something that's not subjective-- something that's not fuzzy or ambiguous. It's absolutely definitively true-- Kyrie, left and right hand? Only Lebron's close is being that good of a finisher at the rim. But, you know, I was thinking about this. You guys criticized it so heavily. And I thought, could I have made a mistake? Could I have made a mistake on this?

You know, it's important that you listen to your consumers. If this was a grocery store and my customers complained, I would have to listen to my customers. So I thought to myself, OK, I'm going to make a little tweak to my top 10-- just a marginal granular little tweak.

So let's go to the new top 10. So my number 1 player in my new top 10 NBA players, number 1, is going to be LeBron James. I think at this point, it would be fairly ridiculous to argue, otherwise. OK, and this is where I made a slight adjustment. My second-best player in the world-- actually it's a gap.

Yeah, the gap now between LeBron and the second-best player in the world is so great that LeBron's number 1. Then you have like, eight gaps. And then we'll decide who the second-best player in the world is tonight based on who plays best-- Steph, Durant, or James Harden. And whoever plays best-- like, they can be like, you know, the final, the third-best player, and the fourth-best player.

But the second-best player, now, is the gap. Because, I mean, let's be honest about it, Rachel. The Grand Canyon is the greatest canyon in America. We don't compare it to any other American canyons. We compare it to like, the pyramids or Mount Everest, because once something is so great, the story isn't the second-best, it's the gap between Mount Everest and like, Mount McKinley or Mount Rainier.

And so a slight adjustment. LeBron, after the Boston series, has won-- gap is second And then tonight we'll figure out the final two spaces. How about this? The best two players out of the three remaining-- Steph, Harden, and Durant-- maybe we'll do that. Maybe we'll put Durant, 3-- maybe Antonio Davis. Maybe we'll put him up form. Anthony Davis, excuse me, Anthony Davis. I forgot his name. I mean, seriously, the gap is so--

You know, it's funny, the gap between LeBron and everybody is so great. Tom Brady's the greatest. But we even argue that Aaron's more talented-- Aaron Rodgers. Messi and Ronaldo-- I like Ronaldo more-- just a bigger physical athlete. But it's a 50-50 split.

When you look at Mike Trout and baseball and Bryce Harper, it depends on the style. I like kind of the vibe and the confidence of Bryce Harper. Some like Mike Trout's understated nature. But the gap between 1 and 2 to me is number 2. It's just absolutely incredible how good LeBron currently is and how far above everybody else he is.