Colin Cowherd won’t think of the Golden State’s dynasty the same if they lose to Houston

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Colin Cowherd thinks the Golden State Warriors dynasty will be changed forever if they lose this series to the Houston Rockets.

- The only question in the playoffs was, who's going to be Golden State? Nobody can beat Golden State. Well, they're beating him because of one guy Chris Paul-- he's out. Golden State-- I don't even know. I won't even think of them the same if they can't win this series now. I won't.

By the way, the Miami Heat, when they had LeBron and D Wade-- did we consider that a dynasty? Don't you have to kind of win a third? Like, I think San Antonio with Duncan was a dynasty. Shaq and Kobe-- dynasty. Magic, Lakers-- dynasty.

I don't consider Philadelphia 76ers with Dr. J a dynasty. They were just really, really good. Not everybody that wins even two championships is a dynasty.

I don't consider the Big Three in Boston a dynasty. They were really, really good. They won a title.

So I think Golden State-- you know, it's my fault. I'm the one that always says, yeah, they're a reigning dynasty. Well, they got one without Kevin, one with Kevin. You got to win this year.

Yeah, I mean, I'm assuming we're going to get a third title-- second with Kevin Durant. They trail 3-2. Chris Paul's out.