Colin Cowherd reveals why tonight’s Game 5 vs Houston is the biggest game of Kevin Durant’s career

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Looking ahead to tonight's Game-5 matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets in the 2018 Western Conference Finals, Colin Cowherd reveals why tonight's game is the biggest game of Kevin Durant's career.

- So tonight, let's be honest about dynasties. They're great for TV ratings because they're villains, right? One city loves them, everybody else hates them. So the Golden State Warriors are great. Dynasties are great. New England Patriots are great for the NFL.

They are. Duke basketball, Yankees-- they're great. There seems like an unfair advantage, they're cheating, there's too much money. Kevin Durant-- we always blame something. For the Yankees, they got too much money. And this dynasty, well, Kevin Durant already joined a great team. And in the NFL, the Patriots are a bunch of cheaters. That's just jealousy.

We watch dynasties because we watch them to be great or watch them mostly to lose. And I've always had a theory on dynasties. They always end, in the NBA, sooner than we think. The big three in Boston-- one title. Shaq and Kobe could have won ten. Three, sayonara. Miami-- Wade and LeBron-- four years. Forget four titles. Four years, two titles, out.

Golden State, now, biggest game of the season tonight. Golden State loses, they're losing this series. They're losing the series if they lose tonight. Now there's two ways to see this series. Jason Whitlock sees it this way.

- I don't think anything happened last night other than Andre Iguodala didn't play, they didn't have their Hampton 5's line up, they were a little bit off, and they lost the game. Wake me up the next time Kevin Durant plays that bad in the fourth quarter in these playoffs.

- You can make that argument. Or I'm going to make my argument. It's 2-2. It's 2-2. That means Houston's already beaten you twice, and they just beat you at Oracle. And according to a story this morning, Andre Iguodala is not going to play and Klay Thompson is questionable. On the road, lost four of seven.

Folks, say it out loud. Game 5, on the road, good team you're struggling to beat, and now you've got more injuries than you had the previous game. And remember what Steve Kerr said-- We were out of gas. Do you consider one day off and flying to Houston a spa? A vacation?

One day off and flying to Houston, where they landed and got off the plane and went to shootaround. And now they've got another injury with Klay Thompson. Injuries and egos end dynasties. Klay Thompson hurt, Iguodala hurt, Steph Curry not 100%. For the first time since Kevin Durant came to this franchise, this is a legitimate crisis where a multi-star team at home-- this is not game 1 or 2. Whoever wins game 5 in a series-- go look at the numbers-- usually wins the series.

Here we go. Game 5, on road, team you've lost 4 of 7 to. They've already beat you at Oracle. You've got multiple injuries. You were gassed. You got one day off and had to get in a plane. Shootaround right off the plane. Golden State loses tonight, good luck winning this series. This is a real crisis we have in the NBA tonight.

When Kevin Durant went over there-- and this is generally the way it works-- first couple of years, the star joins the team, LeBron and Wade, it looks really easy. It's going to last forever. Boston's big three, first year, one title. LeBron and Wade, second year, one title. Set a record. Most straight wins. And all of a sudden, Kevin Durant, 16 to 1 in the playoffs, sweep everybody, look easy. Injuries piling up, doubt against a really good team. Biggest game in the NBA season tonight.