His Airness vs. King James: Chris Broussard’s Michael Jordan argument that LeBron will never overcome

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Joining Colin Cowherd on The Herd via satellite, Chris Broussard unveils a new, unique element to the great LeBron James vs Michael Jordan discussion. Do you agree with Broussard?

CHRIS BROUSSARD: It really depends on how many rings he's-- and you remember two weeks ago I was on your show and I said in 10 to 15 years, LeBron will be viewed as the undisputed GOAT the way Jordan is today.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: Because things get blurry. Nobody will say, oh, he joined a super team or created one in Miami. They'll just look at the rings and the accomplishments. Well, look at Durant. Again, it's going to get blurry. And you're not going to think as much about, well, he joined a 73-9 team that was already a championship team.

He clearly has become the best player on this team. And if Steph continues to have his ups and downs in the playoffs and Durant is just straight consistent 28 to 30 points a night, then this will become more and more viewed as Kevin Durant's team. So yeah, if they can keep this going and he wins-- what if he ends up with five, six rings. I mean, it's going to be tough for them to keep this going.

COLIN COWHERD: Listen-- Go ahead.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: And let me say this about LeBron. This is where I think in that LeBron Jordan debate, another feather in Jordan's cap is that once he started winning, no one else ate, meaning no one else got to eat championships got to win championships. He kept all time greats from winning-- Shaq, Ewing, Olajuwon, Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Reggie Miller. I could go on and on.

LeBron hasn't done that. I mean, Dirk Nowitzki got his and old Tim Duncan got his on LeBron's watch. Durant, Steph Curry, they're all getting theirs. The way LeBron locked down the East and no one else gets to the finals in the East while I'm here, well Michael Jordan did that with the entire league.

So I think when people look back-- this is why I think LeBron can't-- this summer, he can say, you know what, I want to go to Hollywood and just, you know, enjoy myself and live in LA, if I don't win, so what? Well, you've got this guy Durant now on your heels and in 15 years when people look back and they say, OK, LeBron had all the individual numbers, but he only had three rings. Durant's got six in the same era.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: A lot of people might put him ahead of LeBron. So that's why LeBron needs to go to Philly and win some rings and beat Kevin Durant.