Colin Cowherd believes he knows how LeBron James will react if the Cavaliers lose tonight

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Colin Cowherd talks 2018 NBA Playoffs. Hear his thoughts on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers ahead of tonight's game against the Boston Celtics.

- One of the things I like about LeBron, he can be a little bit like Alex Rodriguez, a little bit of an over thinker. He's a smart guy. He gets stuff in his head, and he thinks. LeBron doesn't do anything without a plan.

And here's what I think's going to happen tonight. Tonight is game four in Cleveland. I think Boston wins the game. I think Boston wins the series. But I think two things are going to happen. LeBron is going to drive the game, and have one thing on his mind. And he's going to drive away from the arena with a loss, and have, another thing on his mind. Because I think LeBron tends to be a thinker.

Now let me start my premise by saying this. I believe what I'm about to say to be true. That we all make decisions quickly in relationships. We make them quickly in business. We make them quickly with her boyfriend, or girlfriend, or husband, or wife. We may not express it, but we make our decisions.

A lot of times, we'll talk ourselves into stuff, and we'll circle stuff. But you guys out there listening, you really know you're going to marry her or you're not. You know right now. You know it right now. By the way, she's doing the same thing. Not marriage material, date material. We all make decisions up very quickly, but we just don't admit it to ourselves.

So tonight, LeBron is going to be thinking about two things. Here's what he's going to be thinking about driving to the arena. My team has the worst contracts in the league. The next two years, the Cavaliers are saddled with these contracts. JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, George Hill, Jordan Clarkson. These are outrageous contracts for the money.

JR Smith $15 million this year, $16 next. Tristan Thompson $17.5 this year, $18.5 next. George Hill. Good hell $19 million this year, $18 million next. Jordan Clarkson, $26 million next two years. No team options, stuck with them. LeBron knows this drive into the arena. This is his team. He bottom suits. These are his guys. He knows it.

By the way, he's the reason they have JR Smith and Tristan Thompson. He knows it. So driving to the arena tonight, they'll come in wearing suits. These are my guys not only now, but for the next two years. Four marginal players, four hideous contracts. Trapped.

Then Boston is going to beat Cleveland tonight. Young Jayson Tatum. Cheap young Terry Rozier. Cheap young Jaylen Brown. Cheap young Semi Ojeleye. Flexible, young, nimble, athletic. And LeBron is going to check out driving home.

We all make decisions much sooner on big life choices, on relationships and jobs. We don't say it publicly. We may not even admit it to the person we live with. But you make decisions, and you make them far sooner than you let on.

LeBron is going to make two tonight. Drive into the arena, they come in in suits, these are his guys, he's locked in. Bad contracts, marginal players. And he's going to drive home with a loss tonight down 3-1, series over. Game 7 in Boston. If it went that long-- it won't. And he's going to know, I got to get out of here.

I believe emotionally, there is a very good chance this is LeBron's last game in Cleveland, where he is all in emotionally. This is it. This game. This is the last one. If he loses tonight, he's checked out, he's made a decision. The same decision everybody watching my show and listening has made on a relationship or a job.

When you leave that place you've been for employment for 10 years, you don't make your mind up as you're driving to work. You and your wife talked about it for a year. I know, I was there. And when you end that relationship, you don't do it in a moment's notice. You had questions six months ago. You may have had questions walking down that altar. LeBron tonight, if he loses, this is his last game where he's all in emotionally in Cleveland.