Colin Cowherd on the Vegas odds for NBA MVP

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Colin Cowherd talks NBA MVP award. Hear his thoughts on LeBron James, James Harden and Anthony Davis.

- OK, well who were the finalists, John?

- That would be LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and James Harden.

- Well, wait a minute. Wait a minute, LeBron didn't win last year because he had a great player, Kyrie Irving, next to him. And James Harden added a great player in Chris Paul. So that seems to me that that is interesting. So the most valuable player-- this is interesting. I just dug this up, sort of random.

James Harden missed 10 games this year. Houston had a winning record. Houston was 5-0 on James Harden's five worst shooting nights. Since LeBron has returned to Cleveland, when he doesn't play 27 times, they're 4-23. The Rockets had a winning record without James Harden playing. Valuable. Well, well, OK. Let's just go to the stats then. Let's go to the stats, where clearly James Harden must have overwhelmed LeBron in nothing.

Hm. So LeBron didn't win it last year because he had a great player with him, Kyrie. Westbrook won it because he lost a great player in Kevin Durant. Well, LeBron lost Kyrie and yet he's being punished, even though he has more points, assists, rebounds, field goal percentage, minutes played, games played, triple doubles, and a better defender. OK, beats him in virtually every-- this must be some sort of misprint. LeBron must be, then, a huge favorite. John, what are the odds on this? LeBron must be an overwhelming favorite.

- Yeah, not so much. LeBron is plus 500 to win the MVP. James Harden is minus 800, meaning you would have to bet $800 on James Harden to win, to win $100.

- So LeBron is a huge underdog.

- Huge, huge underdog.

- Cleveland, 4-23 in the 27 games he's missed. The Rockets had a winning record this year when Harden missed 10 games, and were 5-0 on his were shooting nights. And LeBron wins in a landslide in every single category. And Harden added a star and LeBron lost one. Okie dokie artichokie.

I'm going to do, once again, your Use Your Brain Awards, tuxedos generally required. All right, our Use Your Brain Awards. Most Valuable Player, I don't know. Nutty, how about the best player that if he didn't play for them, twisted an ankle, they would be the Kansas Jayhawks in the NBA? Most Valuable Player, use your brain, it's LeBron James.

How about Coach of the Year Use Your Brain Award? I don't know. Total roster turnover, lost his two best players, Gordon Hayward first game, Kyrie Irving near the end. And now, they lead 2-0 in the Eastern Conference finals. I'm going to go with Brad Stevens, Use Your Brain Coach of the Year Award. These awards are stupid. I said it, they're dumb. Congratulations to LeBron and congratulations to Brad Stevens for Coach of the Year.