Colin Cowherd reveals the truth about Houston’s Game 2 win against Golden State

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Colin Cowherd talks 2018 NBA Playoffs. Hear his thoughts on the Houston Rockets after their win last night against the Golden State Warriors.

COLIN COWHERD: One of the things I've learned through the years-- I always use the joke, people say, give my team credit. And I always say, I'm not in the credit business. MasterCard and Visa are in the credit business. I'm in the honesty business. And I've been saying that for years, over and over and over. But fans want credit. If LeBron loses because LeBron shoots 8 for 32 and I say, LeBron had an off night, Celtic fans would be like, whoa, give us credit.

Fans are constantly seeking credit. You got to give us credit. But sometimes the truth is painful. And the truth last night is the better team, Golden State, took the night off. And that's what happened. Go look at the box score. The number one effort statistic in basketball is rebounds. You have to work hard for rebounds. You've got to care to get rebounds. You've got to hustle for rebounds.

Total rebounds-- Houston, big. Defensive rebounds-- Houston, big. Offensive rebounds-- Houston. Those are effort stats. Golden State didn't bring the effort. Colin, give us credit. I'm not in the credit business. Houston shot almost 52% from the floor. Why? That's another effort stat. If you're shooting over 50% as a team in the playoffs when refs allow physicality, that means you're getting some easy looks.

That means the better team took the night off. This is what Golden State's been doing for years. They're very calculated. Come on, they're a dynasty and they lost 24 regular season games. They lost by 20 several times. They lost by 30. They lost by 40 in the last month twice. Ever since they won 73 regular season games, went for the record, and yet were exhausted in the finals and lost, they have said, we'll pick our spot. Colin, that is-- Michael Jordan would never do that.

He did it all the time. Remember that '95-'96 Bulls team? 72 and 10? They lost to the expansion Raptors. Michael didn't show up. And I'll give Steve Kerr credit. Most coaches wouldn't be willing to say it. He's an honesty broker. Steve Kerr said, yeah, we didn't care much. Have you ever heard the saying, bring your A-game?

You've heard that before, right? Everybody's heard that saying. Man, do you bring your A-game? Do you know why that saying exists. Because people don't bring their A game all the time. That's why we acknowledge there is a different level of basketball. Every industry picks their spots. In the movie business, why do they release all the good movies in the late fall? December?

Why do they do that? Because that's how you win awards. In the television business, why do they release all their best shows, their new shows in the fall during fall sweeps? Every industry-- let me ask you, for certain meeting, certain dates, certain anniversaries, don't you ratchet it up a little? All Golden State has to do now is just win their home games and they win the series.

If you can't see this pattern, I don't know what to tell you. But Golden State has been showing us this since the playoffs started a month ago. They win three, get blown out, win three, get blown out, win three, get blown out. After winning three straight games, last night they got blown out.

Go look. These are the playoff results for the Warriors this year. Clobbered the Spurs three times, then got shelled. Then wrapped up the series with the Spurs, took a 2-0 lead on the Pelicans, then got shelled. Then wrapped up the series with the Pelicans, started by getting the home court from Houston, and then got shelled. They didn't bring their A-game.