LeBron, Harden and AD are NBA MVP finalists, but The King reigns in Colin’s ‘Use Your Brain’ Awards

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Colin Cowherd talks NBA. Find out why he thinks the NBA award system is broken and how it could be fixed moving forward.

And by the way, Mike D'Antoni has won the coach of the year two times-- this year will get more votes. May win it again this year. OK. This is why NBA awards are a joke. They're a joke.

Melt down artist, Russell Westbrook, was given an award as the league's most valuable player because he got a tenth rebound a game. LeBron was better in virtually every category, except this kind of made up triple double thing, which my whole life didn't mean anything. If it did, then Oscar Robertson would be the greatest player ever, but we never even talk about Oscar Roberts when we talk best players ever. So this morning we're going to have our own awards.

I wish we had some award music because tuxedos are generally required at award shows. But I'm over the NBA awards where Phil Jackson has one coach of the year award and Mike D'Antoni, known really now for a system in playoff failures, may get his third. So I'm going to call these awards the use your brain awards.

All right, that's all we're going to call these award-- I want you to think about this for a second. The Golden State Warriors, in their last 28 playoff games, are 25 and 3. In the last two years they have no coach of the year awards, no regular season MVP awards, and not a single player has made all NBA first team. I'm not joking. Last year, not a single player for the Warriors made all NBA first team.

They went 16 and 1 in the playoffs. Not a single player made all NBA first team. Steve Kerr didn't win coach of the year. Nobody won MVP-- 16 and 1 in the playoffs. But that guy in Oklahoma City got a tenth rebound so, I mean, good Lord, that is incredibly valuable.

So here we go, our use your brain awards. Welcome to our ceremony. Tuxedos are required. Our MVP this year goes to LeBron James.

Just stop arguing. He won a series against Indiana by himself. You take LeBron off this roster, they're a bottom three NBA team. Take James Harden off Houston. I have Clint Capela.

I've got a system. I've got Eric Gordon. I got CP3. I'm probably a decent playoff team.

Use your brain, the most valuable player is LeBron. Now it's time for our use your brain award coach of the year-- Brad Stevens. He got Butler to back to back title games. Butler, find it on a map. He's taken Aaron Banes, Terry Rozier-- a rookie and semi ojeleye-- to the Eastern Conference finals.

He actually, unlike D'Antoni, is willing to adjust. And he's only nine years old if you look at that picture. Use your brain awards coach of the year, Brad Stevens. And finally, my all NBA first team-- use your brain, the Golden State Warriors plus LeBron. You can have a back court of James Harden and Westbrook.

A front court of Joel Embiid will give you 29 hardy minutes and Giannas who can't dribble or shoot. I'll take the Warriors plus LeBron in my use your brain all NBA first team. Thank you for dressing up.

D'Atoni is going to win his third coach of the year award. Listen, what we do, we do really well. We're not going to change anything. That's kind of the opposite of what Bill Belichick preaches.