Colin Cowherd reveals how a top-3 lottery pick for Cavs would keep LeBron in Cleveland

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Looking ahead to game two tonight of the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Colin Cowherd reveals how a top-3 lottery pick for the Cavs would keep LeBron James in Cleveland. Do you agree with Colin?

- Here's what could be even bigger for Cleveland the city, the Cavaliers the franchise, and LeBron the player-- tonight's also the NBA ping-pong lottery night. I've always loved this night. A bunch of ping-pong balls, there are 14 teams with a chance to get the number one pick.

Basically, here's the best eight, Phoenix, Memphis, Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago, Sacramento are all awful. There's one good team in the top eight, that's Cleveland. If Cleveland, which has a 10% chance to land one of the top-three picks, that is a huge boost for the city of Cleveland, the Cavaliers, and LeBron James for staying in Cleveland.

Remember, even if it's not the number one pick, even if it's the number two pick, what if it's the number three pick? They have a 10% chance. Here's the last few number-three picks-- Joel Embiid, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown. So you can either get a really good, good player, or you could use the one, two, or three picks to trade for a veteran.

Let me tell you something, Cleveland gets the number one, two, or three pick tonight, that's bigger than an individual game. You can either use that to get a really good veteran, move one of these old guys and that pick to get a good veteran, an Al Horford guy. You know, keep Kevin Love, keep LeBron, bring on an Al Horford-level guy for a number one pick or more. There's a lot of teams that would take that pick, a lot of teams that were rebuilding would move up to take that pick and give you their best player or second-best player.

So I've always believed there's a pie chart with LeBron James. This morning, pre-ping-pong lottery, this is where I believe next year, the odds he'll be playing. 50% Cavs-- I mean, he moved to Ohio for a reason. He likes it there. That's where his friends are. We all have a soft spot for our hometown.

40% Lakers, business, friends, homes, it's the number one brand in the league with a young, fun roster. And then 10% other team. I do believe if Cleveland finished in the top three in the lottery tonight, and they got about a 10% chance, I think the pie chart would shift dramatically favoring LeBron stays in Cleveland and then 25% other teams-- Philly, Houston, Los Angeles.

So I know everybody's all caught up in the game, but LeBron's been down 3-1 in a series and won a championship, OK? But if they win tonight, it's just another Eastern Conference series they're going to win, and I like the Cavs to win the series. Even if they lose tonight, he's come back from being down 2-0 in a series.

That pick tonight is perhaps Cleveland's best shot to keep him. I believe LeBron wants to stay in Cleveland, I really do. He's in his 15th year. He probably knows deep down he's got two to three really, really high-end years left, I mean really great years like you're seeing now. Then you're going to have the natural granular decline, right? He's less of a guy.

That lottery, that ping-pong ball tonight lands right for Cleveland-- for the record, two teams in the NBA have had great success in the lottery, Orlando and Cleveland. So anybody that thinks it's rigged, all right, it's not rigged. If it was rigged, Orlando and Cleveland wouldn't have all their success through the years in the NBA ping-pong lottery.