Colin Cowherd unveils why the NBA needs LeBron James to leave the Cavs and move West

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Ahead of tonight's game-one matchup between the Warriors and the Rockets in the 2018 Western Conference Finals, Colin Cowherd unveils why the NBA needs LeBron James to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and move to the Western Conference.

- I think tonight is the beginning of something that is unbelievable, potentially unbelievable for the NBA. So let's shift gears. Golden State-Houston play tonight. Houston slight favorite. I have said the NBA is better if LeBron moved, because there is a fatigue. So think about this.

The NBA currently has five top storylines. These are the top storylines in the NBA. But each one of them comes with a qualifier. The Cavs-- but, they're trapped with their current roster. The Warriors. But they have no real challenger to their dynasty. The Rockets. But what do we really know? What do we really know about Houston? The Celtics. Injury-riddled and no shot at a title. And the Sixers, who definitely need another high-end starter to compete.

If the Rockets get pummeled tonight, and they get clobbered in this series in five games, LeBron finally has his opening. Remember, LeBron's gone where he's needed. He went to Miami. He came back to Cleveland. He wants to be needed. He also likes to play with veterans, Chris Paul, Harden. He also likes to play with smart veterans who have self-awareness and playoff. Experience Chris Paul, James Harden.

If Houston is throttled in this series-- Philadelphia's a young team, ah. Lakers are a young team, ah. Houston needs him. He goes. They beat Golden State. Third different organization. He wins a title. He's the greatest of all time. And with that move, think about the next five storylines next year. Oh, wait.

Rockets. LeBron has a title shot. Greatest of all time talk rejuvenated. An oh-my-god lineup. The Warriors. Still a dynasty, now have a real big boy challenger. With LeBron leaving the East, the Celtics become, for 10 years, the Eastern Conference dynasty. The Sixers become the Frazier to the Celtics Ali. A legitimate challenger, Simmons, Embiid, and whoever they can get to knock them off.

And the Lakers now get Paul George. He would not follow LeBron to Houston. And it's the number one brand in the NBA and has been for 50 years. Young stars Paul George, that's your fifth best story.

Houston getting clobbered creates an opportunity for LeBron to go somewhere where he's needed, and be the difference in knocking off a dynasty. That is currently his only chance, and it does matter to him to be the greatest of all time.

I think he has a chance to go to the Lakers, but boy, does that look small if he's playing in June and beating Golden State in the Western Conference Finals in game 7. This would be good for the league. It would be good for LeBron. And it would make all the other options-- San Antonio, Philly, Los Angeles-- look very, very small in comparison.

My prediction has been Cleveland will win the Boston series. But they're too flawed and too old and too average defensively to crush Boston. Still like Cleveland. And my prediction has been, Houston's a very good team. Golden State is an absolute dynasty. Dynasty's Michael Jordan and the Bulls beat really, really good teams, even when they have the MVP, the Utah Jazz. That's where we are.