Colin on LeBron’s longevity in the NBA

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Colin Cowherd reacts to Tiger Woods' comments about LeBron James' longevity in the NBA.

- Just talking about how duration really makes the legend. And we've discussed it, like the whole Michael, LeBron thing. I know people get tired of it, but you do get to a point with Tom Brady and Joe Montana, where Joe Montana-- four Super Bowls, 4 and 0, three MVPs, he's perfect. And Tom Brady then gets to a point where he's in double the Super Bowls, and you're like, OK, perfect doesn't matter.

That's what happened in the Brady-Montana argument. It was for years and years, until like two years ago, it was like, well, Montana never lost. He's perfect. And then you get to a point where there's just a volume of more Super Bowls, and we stop worrying about being perfect.

I don't know why we get so paralyzed with perfect. Nobody's perfect. Teams aren't perfect. I mean, Michael Jordan went seven, eight years. He wasn't winning anything. But when he got to the big one, he was perfect.

We really penalized you harshly for losing in finals, which to me has never made a ton of sense because Magic got to nine, Jordan got to six. If you told me I could get to nine finals and win a bunch, I'd rather do that than go to four and win just four. I mean, I'm not paralyzed by perfect.

But Tiger Woods was talking about this and said, you know, what's happening now with LeBron, it's just the time that he's been this great.

- It's just the duration. They really do it not just for one year, or not just for one game, or not just for a little spell. It's that they're able to do it for a number of years.

Every player out here can have one good week, and blow away the field. OK, great. Now, can you do it for a month? Can you do it for a year? Now, do it for a decade. Do it for a decade plus.

And what LeBron has done for, what, 15 seasons now is just remarkable. To be able to adjust, as well. Because we all know, as we age, that we're not going to be as athletic as we used to be. And so you have to do it different ways. And to be fluid and adjust, and still be that talented and that good, hats off to not just LeBron but the people I just named.

- Listen, I understand why we fall in love with Mike Tyson's six years of great. Like, I totally get it. But there's a reason that Ali was great for double that. What you generally find is the reason people aren't great for an extended period of time is they're not good at managing themselves.

Tiger Woods, fooling around, was a great golfer. Wasn't very good at managing himself. Mike Tyson, great for seven years, but a train wreck out of the ring. Wasn't good at managing himself. I mean, this is so much of this stuff.

I mean, the reason LeBron has lasted longer than Michael Jordan? He doesn't drink as much. He doesn't party as much. He doesn't gamble as much. He takes care of his body better.

I mean, that's one of the great things about Kobe Bryant, is that Kobe Bryant had a great diet, was really committed to his craft. Kobe was kind of a go to bed early, wake up early, stay in the gym, very focused career. I'm not saying it was perfect. He had a really bad incident but he rebounded with another seven, eight, nine years after that.

I understand why we're attracted to these meteors and these explosions of greatness-- Tyson and Tiger Woods. But, you know, in the end, Brady's just so much better in terms of total production than Joe Montana. In the end, Jack Nicklaus is just so much better than Tiger in terms of total production, major wins.

In the end, I mean, LeBron is just going to blow Michael out of the woods in terms of overall production. He's going to crush him in every statistical, All Star games, all this, points, rebounds, assists. If you're going to be paralyzed by perfection and shorter careers, I get it. Like, everybody loves Sandy Koufax in baseball. He was great three years. That's it.