Colin Cowherd on the potential dynasties that could be built in the NBA

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James and the NBA. Find out why his next move could shake up the league if another dynasty is built in Houston.

- You can complain about dynasties. They're everywhere. Netflix is a dynasty. This stuff's going to last for a long time. You can be fearful of dynasties, and if you're not part of a dynasty, it's kind of daunting, kind of intimidating. They are everywhere in our sport and in our life.

I don't have an answer for it. I don't know why. My general theory is-- my general thesis is if you're an early adapter in sports or in business and you can get ahead of the curve on stuff, you become a dynasty and pull away much faster, because with computers and the internet and technology, time and space is irrelevant.

You can work 24/7. Or have people working for you 24/7. So you grow apart farther than you've ever grown faster. We used to all go to bed, sleep eight hours, and business was done for nine hours. It's not anymore. It's just around the clock. So you pull away faster and to a greater degree.

But I was thinking about this-- if the Cowboys and the Steelers didn't lose the game for five years, except when they met in the Super Bowl, it'd be great for the NFL. Dynasties work. OK, if the Yankees and the Cubs were in the next 10 World Series-- don't kid yourself-- it's great. The NBA ratings are up and it's very top-heavy. Just think about one or two moves which are very possible.

OK, so right now Golden State-- Lebron's figuring out where he's going to go, right? I think he's going to leave Cleveland. So Golden State in the last two years has had six series, three of them sweeps and three of them five-gamers that are not competitive. All right, so they've had six series. They're either sweeping ya, or you win one game, but it's mostly blowouts.

LeBron, last two years had six series, three sweeps, two five-gamers. Not very competitive, just swept the number one seed. Houston with all these new stars, Chris Paul, Harden in their prime, the GM, Clint Capela. They've had two series. They won both in five, and frankly, they were complete mismatches. They didn't even look athletically-- length, shooting. They just weren't the same level of teams. And I like Utah, I really do. And Minnesota's got good players and they weren't competitive.

So we have three teams right now that are really good, and then wherever LeBron goes. If LeBron just chose Houston. And if Paul George, who then would not be allowed because he wouldn't fit in the cap in Boston, or Houston, or Golden State-- if just two things happen and they're possible-- if LeBron goes to Houston-- Chris Paul's his best friend-- I'm told it's one of the two places he's considering, two or three. And then Paul George or Kawhi Leonard-- remember, Popovich wants to Kawhi to the East.

And up in Philadelphia, you will have something I've never seen, four concurrent rosters-- stars and superstars-- in their prime. Dynasties, teams capable of winning multiple, multiple championships. Durant, Steph, Klay. Draymond, Golden State. LeBron, Hart, and Chris Paul. Kyrie, Hayward, Tatum, Jaylen Brown. And Ben, Embiid, Paul George, or a Kawhi-- now, they may not get both, but Ben Simmons, Embiid, and Paul George alone would be the second, third, or fourth best team in the league.

Now, I know the middle wouldn't be competitive, and I know the bottom would be hot garbage. It doesn't matter. Dynasties are happening everywhere, and if LeBron simply chooses Houston, you've got three of them. And if Paul George-- because he's going to have limitations-- it's staying in OKC. Lakers or the obvious choice-- where he'd win a ton of game-- is Philadelphia, this league would be stronger at the top-- with more stars on fewer teams in their prime-- than anything I've ever seen.