Chris Broussard: ‘The stage is being set for LeBron to go to Philadelphia’

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Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd in studio to talk NBA. Hear why he thinks LeBron James could be going to Philly next season.

COLIN COWHERD: LeBron's-- actually, I would, I could make the argument today, this is his greatest moment. With this roster?

CHRIS BROUSSARD: No. His greatest moment was coming from 3-1 down in 2016.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: In 2016, right? The block? Come on.

COLIN COWHERD: No. You're right. You're right. He is doing his legacy such a service over the last two weeks. He is carrying a team, single-handedly, over Indiana and the Pacers. Kyrie's team doesn't look like they miss him, Chris. They don't.

COLIN COWHERD: No. Look. As great as Kyrie is, he's not on Lebron's level. They're two different levels of player. I've got two takes on that for you. But one, Philly. You're missing the bright side. You're missing the silver lining. You're missing the light at the end of the tunnel with this--

COLIN COWHERD: Because we both--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Of this 0-3 deficit.

COLIN COWHERD: OK. Because we both like Simmons.


COLIN COWHERD: I love Simmons.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Here's the bright side. The stage is being set for LeBron James to go to Philadelphia as the savior this summer. There was a narrative building in Philadelphia. We don't really want LeBron. We don't really need LeBron. This is Ben's team. It's Joel's team. LeBron would just come and mess it up. He would take over.

Now, you clearly need LeBron. And I agree. I don't want LeBron going there and taking the ball out of Ben Simmons' hands.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Well he better not, because Ben's not a shooter.

COLIN COWHERD: No, and he's a true point guard. He's more of a point guard than LeBron is. I've been told, by somebody that would know, that LeBron wants to play off the ball. Off the ball.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: So in year 16, he's going to switch it up.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: It's hard to do. Chris Paul's done it, right?

I'm with you. Sometimes, your game is your game, and it's hard to adjust.

COLIN COWHERD: But Chris Paul isn't being compared to the greatest of all time. If LeBron goes to Philly, and says, you know, I'm just going to become-- I'm Nolan Ryan. I'm going to do it breaking stuff now.


COLIN COWHERD: I'm not throwing the heater. I'm going to go with breaking stuff. And I'm like--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I'm not I'm not talking about LeBron going to Philly and average in 16 points a game.


CHRIS BROUSSARD: I'm talking about LeBron going to Philly, and playing like a, more of a true small forward. He's going to lead them in scoring. 26, 27 points a game. Probably get you eight or nine boards. Just because of who he is, he's going to get his six assists.

COLIN COWHERD: But you know, LeBron loses confidence in his jumper. And the great thing about LeBron is, when he loses his confidence in the jumper, and we've both seen this. Every year, there'll be a month he loses it. LeBron goes back to, give me the ball. I'm going to drive to the basket for about three, six, five, nine games. Get my confidence back. What happens if he goes to Philly, and he's a jump shooter, and he is awful for three games? LeBron's going to be like, young stallion, give me the rock. I got to get my confidence back.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: But see, I think you're picturing him as being a catch and shoot guy in Philly. I'm not saying that. Because Ben Simmons doesn't dominate the Ball he's a guy that moves the rock. So LeBron will still have plenty of opportunities to drive. He'll be able to cut. You know, they run pretty intricate offense in Philly. He won't just be standing around like Chris Paul, waiting for Ben Simmons to pass him the ball and shoot the three.