Colin Cowherd: Jason Witten made the right decision

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Colin Cohwerd talks Jason Witten. Find out why he thinks the former Dallas Cowboys TE made the correct choice to retire and join the media.

- Jason Witten is retiring from the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys. He will now be the number one analyst on "Monday Night Football." He is a tight end. He made the right decision. Tight ends do not get offered the primo number one analyst gig at networks.

Troy Aikman, a quarterback. Jon Gruden, star head coach. John Madden, star head coach. Tony Romo, Phil Simms, Dan Fouts. Now, you can say Chris Collinsworth. But Chris Collinsworth was grinding in this business. He was originally a Fox guy 25 years ago.

He was not offered a number one job out of his career. For a tight end to walk out in that position to a number one analyst job is you just take the job. Because these are gold standard. A lot of money-- a lot of exposure. It will change your brand. More people are going to talk about Jason Witten now than ever talked about Jason Witten.

And he doesn't have anything else on the field to accomplish other than a Super Bowl. And he can't control that. Here is what's really amazing, though. The Dallas Cowboys are so much bigger than every brand in the NFL. They even bigger than the Yankees in baseball, because it leaves the Yankees. There's the Red Sox brand, which is noteworthy.

Here's how much bigger the Cowboys are than everybody else. They've now got the lead analyst on all the networks that do football, except NBC. That's the last one. Now think about that. The other thing this morning is I looked up team values in the NFL. The Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise in the world at $4.2 billion.

By the way, I don't believe they're worth that. I believe they're worth significantly more. I think if you went to Warren Buffett and said, you can have the Dallas Cowboys for $5 billion. I think there's all sorts of Silicon Valley money that would scoop them up for $4.2 billion. They are worth what the market would say. And I believe they're worth way more than $4.2 billion.

But here's what's remarkable. The second most valuable NFL team is the New England Patriots. Now let me ask you, if Tom Brady retired this morning and Belichick followed, would any network be fighting to put the Patriots on television if they were 4 and 12? Because a couple of years ago, the Cowboys were a dumpster fire.

In the following year, the networks were still fighting to get them on television. Their quarterback, now, is a fourth-round pick, Dak Prescott. He's not even the most known quarterback in his division. OK, Eli Manning is. Alex Smith is. Carson Wentz is the most talented. Dak, the Cowboys' fourth-most gifted quarterback and, perhaps, known.

I mean, the Cowboys are-- first of all, Jason Witten's a great dude. When you're a tight end, and you're offered the number one job 30 seconds outside of your career, you do it. The Cowboys brand is massive. Number two according to all these, you know, like "Forbes Magazine." The Patriots? They lose one player, and they would lose value in their brand.

The Cowboys are the number one brand in the world. And they've largely, for 15 years, been average. It's like the Tiger Woods brand. Tiger Woods doesn't even have to be the best golfer. If he makes the cut, television ratings go up 75%. The new standard for Tiger is did he make the cut? Yeah. OK, who-- we're all good. Golf's great again.