Colin Cowherd reveals why Brad Stevens is the key to unlock the Boston Celtics’ dynasty next year

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In his reaction to Boston thumping Philadelphia 117-101 in game one of round two of the 2018 Eastern Conference Playoffs, Colin Cowherd reveals what Brad Stevens shares in common with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, noting that Stevens could be the key to lead the Celtics to become a modern day NBA dynasty by as early as next year.

- And if you watched last night, it was remarkable and I don't want last night to just pass on by and not really salute what happened last night. Because last night confirmed something that nobody wants to hear out of Massachusetts, Boston now has two teams, an NFL team and an NBA team, that are easily the best coached team in their respective sport. OK, every single person Brad Stevens coaches gives you their best game. And that is something.

Terry Rozier would not be this good in Phoenix. Jayson Tatum would not be growing this quickly in Charlotte. We have multiple examples where Isaiah Thomas is a B minus, C plus 15 point a game guy. Under Brad Stevens, he got MVP votes. He's 5'8.

Jay Crowder's a guy, a journeyman, suitcase always packed. Not in Boston. He was an asset.

Avery Bradley was really special in Boston. I didn't love them trading him away. Even though he went to Detroit to be more of an offensive player, his numbers have eroded.

Jaylen Brown couldn't shoot the basketball in college. Athletic, yes. Couldn't shoot. Two years later under Brad Stevens, he's a borderline all-star, and a pure shooter. 47%, 40 on threes during the regular season.

Folks, that's what Belichick does, where you go whatever happened to Matt Cassel? He won 11 games here. Wasn't Deion Branch really special. Like LeGarrette Blount, where did he go?

Jamie Collins was really good. Who got him again? I don't remember Chris Hogan and Wes Welker being this good in Buffalo and Miami, respectively. The all time great coaches get the max. It's not just dialing up plays. They're all dialing up plays. It's your ability, just like every great boss I've had, that they get the best out of every individual employee.

I mean, last night they didn't have Kyrie, they didn't have Jaylen Brown, they didn't have Gordon Hayward. I could make the argument those are their three best players. And they took Philly to the woodshed. They outscored the Sixers in every quarter. It was really never close.

Don't get me wrong, I like Philly a lot. They have two players Embiid and Ben Simmons. Especially Simmons, I absolutely love. But they need people. Because I know as of next year that the Boston Celtics are going to go into this season with Al Horford, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Kyrie Irving, Terry Rozier-- Gordon Hayward, did I say that? Is that six players who are A or B players under Brad Stevens.

I'm not saying they're all A or B players. They're six players who are A or B to B plus players under Brad Stevens. Now, Philadelphia's got to get a couple of guys. And right now in Philadelphia, they're not even playing Markelle Fultz. He's a DNP again. Forget A and B, they're not sure he can play period.

Listen, I like Philadelphia. Simmons I think is an all timer. He's got to learn some things like you got to hit free throws, dude. And I think he'll improve dramatically over the last couple of years. But when you watch what Boston is doing, last night is just not another game. Holy God, the Sixers were rested. The Celtics were not. And Boston took Philly to the shed.

All those guys are back for Boston next year. Another year Tatum better, Jaylen better, Gordon better. I mean, that wasn't a moment last night. Like, put your arms around it. This is why I said next year Boston's going to start a dynasty.

Again, they're going to be Allah. Philadelphia is going to be the Joe Frazier. They're going to get their punches in. They're going to get their licks in. But don't kid yourself, if you're Philly last night, you've got to look at that and go crap. Brad Stevens got Isaiah Thomas MVP votes. Lakers can't get rid of him fast enough. Cleveland couldn't get rid of him fast enough. Phoenix couldn't get rid of him fast enough. Sacramento didn't want him.

Brad Stevens made him an MVP vote. That guy is Belichick. Sorry Philly, good luck facing Belichick for the next 15 years.