Earl Watson thinks there is a big upset about to happen in the 2018 NBA playoffs

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Earl Watson joins Colin Cowherd to talk San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors. Find out why he thinks there is a big upset in the making this year.

- I'm watching the Warriors. And I generally think veteran teams with talent can flip a switch to some degree. I don't think the Warriors are great right now. I think they could lose a game or two in the first round. Your thoughts?

EARL WATSON: I don't think they get out of the first round.

- What? Time out. Hold on. Slow down. Put on the breaks. What? You don't think they get out of it?

EARL WATSON: I think Spurs do what the Spurs do, and that's win the first round, convincingly. Maybe six or seven games, but they win it convincingly. Think about the game of basketball. Steph Curry creates pace.

- Yes, yes.

EARL WATSON: No Steph, no pace. KD's going to bring the ball up a lot, which means he's going to go at his own pace. And the last time I seen a seven footer cannot create pace the way a natural point guard does.

- By the way, analytics prove your point.

EARL WATSON: Exactly. Which tells me it's gonna be half court basketball. And we all know if you put the Spurs in half court basketball, they're going to execute you the tenth option. LaMarcus Aldridge is gonna dominate the series. And then it's gonna be possession by possession down the stretch, and Pop has seen everything there is to controlling games.

- By the way, Popovich has had a remarkable year. Manu's 40, Kawhi's missing in action, and Tony hasn't had a great year. And LaMarcus is mostly a mid-range jump shooter. And your picking them to upset the Warriors. I think this is Pop's brilliant year.

EARL WATSON: Analytically, it's not supposed to happen. But sports isn't just analytics. Sports is a lot of strategy, a lot of mindset, a lot of taking advantage of the opportunity or the moment. And no one does it better and Coach Pop in any playoff series.