Colin Cowherd questions why Kevin Durant gets a pass from the media

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In his analysis surrounding the Golden State Warriors' 40-point, blowout loss to the Utah Jazz, Colin Cowherd questions why Kevin Durant seems to get a pass from the media.

- And this is all along the same lines, that we pick who we like and we pick who we don't like. That's the reality. It is. I've seen it in my business for 20 years. The critics like certain people. Bad news-- they don't write about it. They don't like certain people. They find any little thing and they'll go after them. Luckily, I've been treated reasonably, but I've seen them clobber some people, favor other people. And we think the political media is biased, the sports media-- in my opinion-- is worse. So that Jazz crushed the Warriors last night. They didn't just beat them. They beat them by 40 points.

But the NBA media-- they're so reactionary that they end up in odd places. The people who cover the NBA are like little kids who chase butterflies, and then all of a sudden they chase butterflies right into traffic and get run over. So last year in the finals, Kevin Durant gets the MVP. And literally, I was lecture-- again-- KD's better than LeBron. OK. OK.

I want to take us back a couple of years. Wasn't this the headline in Oklahoma City about Kevin Durant-- Mr. Unreliable? The Oklahoma media isn't exactly known as a crazed bunch of angry lunatics. They're kind of their to support the teams. This is what they called Durant before he came to the Warriors-- KD outraged by it. The paper had to apologize. So this was the brand by the people rooting for Kevin Durant-- he'd become unreliable.

Let me throw a stat up to you that's pretty remarkable. Golden State is now 20-0 when Steph Curry plays and Kevin Durant doesn't. 20-0. In the last 20 games Durant's played without Curry, they're barely above 500. Last night, they were beat by 40. Durant played. Klay Thompson played. Draymond Green played. The bench was healthy. Steve Kerr coached, and they got beat by 40.

Last year, he won the Finals MVP on a much better team. He averaged 35, eight, and five. LeBron, in the same finals, played more minutes, shot a better percentage, was 34, 12, and 10 with lesser teammates. Durant won the MVP and I was told, Durant has surpassed LeBron as a player. They go into these playoffs a mess. In the last three years, they've gone into these playoffs red-hot.

Hello? Youwho? Why isn't Durant getting crushed for this? Where's the hyperventilating with Kevin Durant? LeBron had a bad January. The media was doing back flips to trounce him. Kevin Durant is barely above 500 with Klay, with Draymond-- usually-- and the last 20, without Steph. Steph is 20-0 without KD. Kevin Durant is not even the most valuable player on his own team, clearly. And you're lecturing me on, he's better than them LeBron? Outside of shooting at three, he doesn't do anything better than LeBron. He doesn't rebound. He doesn't pass. He doesn't defend. He doesn't shoot down low. He doesn't lead. He isn't intimidating.

Again, this goes back to what I've been saying. The media has made it's bed. They've made a choice. We like and protect Kevin Durant. We like him and we protect him, and we are tired of LeBron. Golden State is a grease fire right now. Getting beat by 40? Where's the alpha male? Where's the leader? I got to give credit to my partner Jason Whitlock on "Speak For Yourself." He's never bought into KD as the alpha. He's never bought into KD's better than LeBron.

- My level of respect for KD has never been as high as everyone else's. He's a bit of a mama's boy. It's just, to me, I feel like I've always had him in perspective. He's not an alpha. And again, when you go look at their record without Steph Curry-- and then when Steph plays without KD, they're 20-0. So again, one of these guys is the alpha male leader championship. One guy, to me, isn't.

- Durant leads the league in techs, has complete rabbit ears, got busted for fake burner Twitter accounts, 11-9 in the last 20 without Steph-- where's the hyperventilating? Beat by 40 last night by Utah. Lebron had a bad January. Oh my god. World's imploding. Firework shows. Asteroid coming. Run for your lives! Steph gets hurt. This is still the most talented team in the league without Steph. Durant, Klay, and Draymond are all-stars. And they're a below-500 team in their last 18 games.

Again, just admit it. You got the people you like. You've got the people you're tired of. I have no problem. If you want to divorce me, do it. If you want to punch me, tell me. If you hate me, say it. If you're mad at me and pissed, tell me. But the old saying goes, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. Westbrook-- greatest year ever! [YAWN] Kevin Durant-- team's a mess.