Colin Cowherd reveals why LeBron James should be MVP over James Harden

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In his conversation with Kristine Leahy on The Herd, Colin Cowherd reveals why Cleveland Cavaliers' superstar LeBron James should be named 2018 NBA MVP over Houston Rockets' James Harden. Colin suggests the NBA should consider using totals instead of averages in determining the MVP.

- In every other sport, the MVP race is all about totals. In baseball, your total home runs, your total RBIs. In hockey, your total goals, your total assists. In football, how many touchdowns does Brady have? How many receptions and yards does this receiver, Julio Jones, have?

In the big sports in this country-- MLS, hockey, baseball, football-- it's all about totals. Season's over. How many did you have?

But in the NBA, it's different, for some reason, and I don't know why. It's about averages. How many points did you average? How many rebounds did you average? How many assists per game did you average? In the NBA, averages, for some reason, it's the only sport in America when it comes to the MVP race, we go to averages, not totals.

In fact, if Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles was an NBA player, he would have still won the MVP. His touchdowns per game were higher than Brady. His winning percentage was higher than Brady. Wentz as an NBA player would have still won the MVP.

By the way, Mike Trout as a baseball player, he got hurt. It wouldn't have mattered if he was an NBA player, because Mike Trout had a better slugging percentage, on base percentage, at bat per home run and RBI than José Altuve.

But in basketball, for some reason, it's not about totals. It's about averages. But what if it was in the NBA like every other sport-- and maybe it should be-- about totals? What have you done over the course of the year?

When I suggest LeBron's the MVP over Harden, I get major pushback. Let's go to the board on totals, the way it works in every other sport. LeBron wins all of them. In most instances? Easily.

Season for season, side by side, bro, it ain't close. Congrats to Harden who has more wins, because he has better teammates. Just saying.