Colin Cowherd to Giants: ‘If the Browns pass on Darnold, and you don’t take a QB, I’m going to laugh at you’

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Upon reading a report that the Cleveland Browns want to take Josh Allen at #1, and the New York Giants like Sam Darnold but not Josh Rosen, Colin Cowherd reveals how the Giants could set themselves up for massive future failure, putting their franchise's organization ' the cellar for years.'

- There's two stories. Report the Giants like Sam Darnold, not Josh Rosen. The New York Giants are sending a message to the NFL leaking this story out. They'll take Darnold if he is available, but with the number two pick, if they do not take a quarterback, it gives the New York Giants an out. Our guy wasn't available.

Now, here's what's really interesting with this story. So the Giants maybe thought they were pulling a fast one by leaking this out. We love Sam Darnold, but he won't be available. So we're not gonna draft a quarterback, which could upset Eli Manning and the Eli Manning family.

The problem is, as Christine just told us, another report out from Daniel Jeremiah, the Browns like and will take Josh Allen. What does that mean? Let me look at the camera and tell you.

If Sam Darnold is available with the number two pick and the New York Giants, with Carson Wentz in the division, Dak for the next 10 years, and now Alex Smith, if the New York Giants, to appease the Mannings, to not get yelled at by the media and the fans in New York, if Sam Darnold is available and the New York Giants do not take him, it will put your organization in the cellar for years.

Sometimes in life, man, you get a break from incompetency. If the Browns pass on Darnold and you don't take a quarterback, then I'm gonna laugh at you when Carson Wentz for the next 10 years 20 times kicks your arse, and the Cowboys kick your arse, and Alex Smith marches up the field on you in Washington and kicks your arse.