Dahntay Jones unveils what Philly’s phenom Ben Simmons does better than LeBron James

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Joining Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy on The Herd, Dahntay Jones declares Philly's Ben Simmons is a LeBron James - Magic Johnson hybrid, revealing what the 76ers' rookie does better than King James himself.

- Here's the "Great 8"

- OK.

COLIN COWHERD: Now by the way, Kobe was with Shaq. And Shaq was more, to me, important to the league.

- But you got to put Kob.

COLIN COWHERD: I can't because he's MJ lite. He's diet MJ. You can't be diet anything.

- But he's a combination of the greats of the past. Like that's what LeBron is. He's a combination of the greats. He's a combination of a Magic-- no, I'm sorry, he's a combination of a Jordan and a Pippen.

Because I like what Pippen said the other day about Mike. He didn't have to do all the things that LeBron has to do right now, like he had me. He had me to be the point forward. He had me to defend.


- So then LeBron comes in without that personnel and that luxury, and he just does it all.


- He does the job of Pippen and Jordan. He's point forward, he has to defend at times, and he has to score. So if he had personnel like Jordan had--

COLIN COWHERD: So when you--

- --it would be different. If you just put him and made him score, we might have a different story.

COLIN COWHERD: So you played 13 years in the league. When you played with LeBron-- I mean, you guys are all gifted. You all work hard.

- Right.

- You all get the game. Was it just the physical component of LeBron that you're like, he's just bigger and stronger than dudes?

- He's bigger, stronger, faster.

- OK.

- But then we have people that exist with just that, like they don't work, they don't study. They're just bigger, stronger, and faster than you and they could dominate for a couple years. They go in and out. They may achieve some success, maybe a couple of All-Star Games.


- But then when you get a person that's bigger, faster, stronger, and studies, and eats well, and is, like, maniacal about how he takes care of his body like--


- Right. So while Kobe is not as talented as Vince Carter or some of those other guys, he just works harder.


- He takes care of his body. He does all the things right and he wants it more. Now you've got that with a person who's 6' 8", 6' 9", 270, faster than everybody else, and he wants it more. He's spending that time in a gym. He's eating right. He's paying for the right things for his body. He's using modern medicine. He's doing more than you with those God-given-- with that God-given ability. Then that's what you get.

- So when you see Ben Simmons-- and I don't know if he has all that stuff you just mentioned. But when you walk into the league and immediately--

- He's scary.

- Dahntay, it's just not-- I mean, I was around with Magic. I'm not 28. I was around with Magic. That's what Magic did. He was different than everybody else, immediately.

- Right, but see, now Ben has Bron. And Ben, he looks up to him, he admires him, and he learns from him. He's willing to learn and digest everything he's doing. So that's where he becomes scary because now he's just doing it off his ability right now.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, do you see Magic or LeBron with Ben?

- I see Magic and LeBron. Like I see-- I think people now are combinations of the greats. You have to pay homage to all the greats. And Bron is Jordan and Pippen together. And he's Magic and LeBron. He has what Bron doesn't have. Bron sees the floor well, but Ben sees it better.


- And he's big and strong, fast. Like he hasn't even grown into his grown-man body. Like he doesn't have a 21-, 22-year-old body. He has that 19-, 20-year-old-- like he hasn't even-- we've watched Bron's body grow over time, right--


- --because he's become-- he became a man.


- Ben is knocking men over and has a kid body.

- God, he is just-- I mean, again, this is-- it's nothing against all the great players. It's nothing against Blake and Westbrook. But I'm watching this 6' 9 and 1/2" kid, he's--

DAHNTAY JONES: He's just learning how to study the game. He's just learning what he needs to be great. And he hasn't even tapped into a jump shot yet. Like, that's crazy.

- OK, so let's--

DAHNTAY JONES: And he doesn't have to use one yet.

- Could I make this argument Dahntay, that he's never going to need to be a great shooter because he's so inclusive, he will attract great shooters?

- You can put them around great shooters, and why make him a great shooter right now? Because you can get personnel great shooters. You can't stop what he does in the open court. And posting early is a problem for most point guards.

So yes, he's going to work on it and yes, he's going to get it, but he's never really going have to settle, because he'll probably never be in a position where he's going have to be a scorer.

- That's right. That's what I'm saying. I think he'll attract-- he'll attract guys who want to-- I mean, if I'm an NBA--

- So you can find more of them. You can find specialists to score and shoot and all that, but you can't find another 6' 9" guy to run up and down the court, handle the ball like that, and see the floor better than anybody in the NBA. You won't be able to find that again.