Colin Cowherd reveals why January doesn’t count in the NBA

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In his reaction to LeBron James leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a comeback victory over John Wall and the Washington Wizards last night, Colin Cowherd reflects on LeBron's slumping performance in January, revealing his belief on why The King seemingly never appears to take too much stock in his play during the first month of the year.

- There's a new rule on the show today. Here's the new rule. Nothing in January counts. And let me explain. The number-one movie in January this year was "Jumanji." Movie studios don't release their best stuff in January. In recent years, "Kung Fu Panda 3" and "Insidious 4" were the number-one movies in America in January. Movies dump their best movies for the holidays. They want a big rush of people and the Academy to watch them before they vote. Never look at a movie in January and think, yeah, that is a great movie. That's not the way it works.

Similarly, go to your gym. I looked it up this morning. Gym memberships spike 40% every January. And then, you show up in June, and nobody's there-- the same eight people that you've seen for 12 years at your gym. I went to mine yesterday. 10 people, nine I know. It's the same people every day.

January, similarly, new rule-- don't count it in the NBA. Once again, this year, LeBron James was no good, it was a lost season because they had a rough January. Players in January are looking ahead to the All-Star break, trade deadline, first time kind of getting worn down a little late January, early February in the NBA. They've played a lot of games. Don't count it.

LeBron and the Cavs won last night, beat the Wizards. LeBron in the fourth quarter was unbelievable, and John Wall was awful. You might as well have called the fourth quarter last night in the Wizards-Cavs game the Colin Cowherd Invitational. John Wall led 106 to 90 with six minutes left. He had 14 assists last night, one in the fourth. Eight years in the league, he still freezes late in big games. He was a minus 19 plus-minus in the fourth. He made Westbrook look like Joe Montana clutch.

But, this was mostly about the Cavs playing real defense late. They didn't play defense in the first half. They were OK in the third. They were terrific in the fourth. They flipped a switch.

I was driving to work this morning, and I heard a radio commentator at a network I used to work for. And he was saying, you can't flip a switch in the NBA. What are you talking about? The Warriors are going to roll through the West. Not as easily as last year. It won't be sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, but they'll win it. You were telling me how good Milwaukee was in January. Watch out for Toronto. John Wall and the Wiz. Sixers. Pretender, pretender, pretender. And with Philly, we shall see.

How many years in succession do I have to defend LeBron's bad January? Go to a gym. That's not reality. Watch the movies that are number one in January. That's not reality. 98 teams in the East in the last seven years-- obviously, there aren't 98 teams, teams are counted multiple times-- 98 teams in seven years in the East. Lebron's 7 and 0 getting to the Finals, and this will be year number eight in a row.

Now, I think that ends next year. I think Boston's starting five, if Kyrie's surgery goes well, that is a Finals team. And I will say this. I think it's a team-- Kyrie, Gordon Hayward, Tatum, Jason Brown, Horford, and Brad Stevens-- capable of winning it all. I really do.