Colin Cowherd questions if Kevin Durant can lead the Warriors to a title win

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Colin Cowherd talks Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors. Can Durant lead the Warriors to another title without Steph Curry?

- You were lecturing me last year in the finals that Kevin Durant, now, was officially a better player than LeBron James. The Warriors just got swept by Indiana. They're 5-8 without Steph Curry in their last 13 without Steph. It's a 5-8 team. Come on.

At Christmas, you are still telling me-- Durant has officially surpassed LeBron. What? Kevin Durant with two all-stars-- Klay and Draymond-- great head coach, great system. This team can't win without Steph. They're getting blown out by the Pacers.

And here's the other thing we've never admitted about Kevin Durant-- the media gives him a total pass. We nitpick-- we nitpick LeBron at every turn. Part of being great-- the burden of being great, is your more discussed and more talked about and more scrutinized. And the magnifying glass is bigger. That's a real thing.

When Kobe Bryant, for 10 years when Shaq left, Kobe Bryant drove or flew to the Staples Center for a decade. Everybody in the arena knew-- Kobe plays well or we lose. That's an incredible burden to carry. LeBron James is the most discussed, scrutinized, nitpicked player in the league for 13 to 15 years.

Kevin Durant-- it's a series of apologists. And if he has a good series, see, I told you so, he's better than LeBron. You got to be kidding me. I watch media people implode with slight criticism. I watch politicians-- our president-- implode with slight criticism. LeBron's getting hammered every day by every network and every writer. And he's having his best season ever.

Kevin Durant's got rabbit ears. I mean, he's like teenage-girl sensitive. FOMO, fear of missing out sensitive.

In the NBA, the most talked about player is LeBron. The second most talked about player is probably Westbrook. The most talked about team is the Warriors. The second most talked about team's the Cavs. The Celtics get a little pushback, because Kyrie and Hayward. Kevin Durant gets a total pass from the media. And the rare times you go after him a little-- which, as a superstar who now everybody claims is better than LeBron, he should get a little heat.

I mean, Aaron Rodgers, if you're telling me he's better than Tom Brady, when he loses playoff games, we have a right to question things. Right, that's fair, being the man. Being the man means you get questioned like the man. Every Belichick playoff loss-- I mean, he loses a Super Bowl, now it's like Belichick doesn't know what he's doing. Get rid of Bill, come on.

I mean, literally that's what they're saying in Boston, now. Come on, it's Brady's team, it's not Bill. Malcom Butler lost the Super Bowl because of Bill. It was like what? But that's the burden of being the GOAT, the best coach ever.

But, I mean, it's amazing to me. Steph Curry's out. Golden State's got two all-stars, and Kevin Durant, and Steve Kerr, and a decent bench. And they're 5-8. Come on.