Colin Cowherd reacts to reports Kyrie Irving will miss the rest of the NBA season

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Colin Cowherd offers up his opinion on Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics after it was reported the PG will miss the rest of the NBA season.

- We have major, major breaking news from somebody who doesn't mess, Adrian Wojnarowski. In the aftermath of the left knee surgery, Kyrie Irving out for the regular season, out for the playoffs.

NARRATOR: Breaking news.

- Now this is something Chris Broussard has been talking about for the last week or two. He was on our show, I think, yesterday. I kind of made fun of him because he kind of buried the lead. Here it was.

- I'll be surprised if Kyrie plays in the playoffs. Yes, I will. I said it on here a couple of weeks ago, that he might be out for the season. And I know it's not definite. I'm not saying it's definite, but I'm at the point where I think Boston understands we're not going to win the East, we're not going to win the finals. Let's get Kyrie healthy. I'd be surprised if he's back in the second round, if they get that far.

- OK, that was the wow, it's been confirmed. My first takeaway is, listen, I've said it before. Kyrie's rep, remember, his last year at Duke, his only year at Duke, he was hurt. Before LeBron, he was always hurt. After LeBron, he's hurt. He's injury prone. You can't deny it now. He only played eight games at Duke. Like when you look at Greg Odom's career, he was hurt young. He got hurt initially, he got hurt later.

Kyrie Irving only played eight games at Duke and then he went into the NBA. He couldn't even get to 60 games, and then LeBron comes in. He didn't have to be the emotional or physical leader of the franchise. And then LeBron leaves. Now he drives the arena every night. Physically, you got to play 42 minutes. You've got to emotionally carry the team.

They're coming to you. It takes a toll on you. He's hurt again. So my first takeaway is, he is now an injury prone player, more so than Steph Curry, who is injury prone. Much more so. Here's the second thing. Don't mess with LeBron. Be very careful about leaving, Michael. Brady, Peyton Manning, Magic, you've got to be careful.

I know LeBron can be tedious and I know he can be obtuse, and I know he can be frustrating, I know he overwhelms you, and I know he's cryptic and I know he sends messages. I'm not denying any of that, but man he is so durable. I've said this before, when they write the book on LeBron, you're going to say, points, rebounds, titles. And I've always said with LeBron, chapter two or three better be durability.

I mean, Michael Jordan broke a leg, missed a year. Michael Jordan retired. LeBron's going to his seventh or eighth straight final. Seventh already, probably eighth. So my first takeaway is, Kyrie is an injury prone player. That is not even arguable anymore, college and pro. Secondly, be very careful when you leave superstars. They make life a lot, the grass is always greener. You know, a lot of guys want to leave that the great wife is a lot more value than you're giving her credit for.