Colin Cowherd lays out some facts about the Philadelphia 76ers

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Colin Cowherd talks Philadelphia 76ers. Find out why Colin thinks it is very, very unlikely that LeBron James would go play for Philly next season.

COLIN COWHERD: So I started the show talking about the New England rumors, accumulating picks, moving up to get a quarterback. And the reason I believe it, because you have many dots that connect New England, Cleveland been making moves. Dorsey and Belichick, friends. Cleveland isn't locked into one guy. New Englands desperate for a quarterback. Cleveland-- Cleveland has the fourth pick. He can still got a quarterback.

There's a lot of boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And also, Bill Belichick, his DNA has always been, I got a good backup. He's been drafting quarterbacks every other draft for years. You think he's now going to go into Tom Brady at 40, with Brian Hoyer and that's it. I don't buy it. And you're not going to get one of the top four quarterbacks if you stay down there at 23, 32, 46, 69. You're not going to get it. So I think he bundles them. I think these rumors are potentially true, and moves up to get a guy. Because everything is adding up, especially with Cleveland.

And I think they would take Rosen or Darnold. Here's something, a rumor that makes no sense to me because the dots don't connect. C.J. McCollum is a good player for the Blazers. Really nice player, good kid. I think he went to Lee High. He's one of those small school kids, that is just a terrific kid and a great player. Let me lay out some facts. Joel Embiid is playing 30 minutes a night. That is the least of any star in the NBA. That is a fact.

Ben Simmons and LeBron, for anybody that watches basketball, would be a weird fit. They both want control over the ball. That's indisputable. That would be a weird clunky fit. Number three is, nobody knows what Markelle Fultz is going to be. He's shooting 25% out of the paint. These are facts. Embiid plays the fewest minutes. Has an injury history of any star in the league. Ben Simmons and LeBron do a lot of the same stuff. LeBron clearly better. Better shooter by far. Who's now going to relinquish the ball? That's a weird fit. And Markelle Fultz, don't tell me you have a clue in Philadelphia what he's going to be.

We don't know-- we don't know what he's going to be, so those are facts. Now here's the two things you need to think about. If the Sixers process, they got a name for it, the process. They've got two stars, Embiid, Simmons. You're going to bring in a guy, LeBron James, and we know what LeBron James does to a franchise, he overwhelms it. He overwhelms it. You've got a name for your build, the process. You've got two stars. The Lakers don't have a star. They don't have a name for the rebuild.

They got a bunch of young guys. Beat the Spurs last night. They need a star. They need a brand. They don't have a name for it. They don't have a star. Philly's got a term, the process. Phillies got two stars, indisputable, Simmons and Embiid are the future. You're going to bring in a guy to overwhelm that. That's the first thing I don't buy. The second thing, which is really obvious, is that whenever LeBron comes to a team, he can play with a great teammate. He played with D Wade. He played with Kyrie Irving, but the third star always gets run over.

Chris Bosh was relegated to like a tall guard, a three. He was an all-star, 25 and 9 a game. Was relegated to a supporting role. He became Lebron's valet. You think Joel Embiid wants to become Lebron's valet? Because Ben Simmons gotta have his hands on the ball, and LeBron James gonna have his hands on the ball. Lebron's history is, the third star takes a distant, aggravating, annoying, frustrating third role. Kevin Love and LeBron, you notice they get along now because Kyrie is gone.

I don't buy this. The dots don't work. They don't work. First of all, there's a little Bitcoin feel to the Sixers. They're exciting. They can get hot, but there's a lot we don't know about that, what do they call it, cryptocurrency. There's a lot we don't know about that. There's not really a guarantee Joel Embiid is going to be healthy for the next 10 years. I like Ben Simmons a lot, but Markelle Fultz could still be a bust.

Don't confuse young and exciting with currency. That's a little more Bitcoin than anybody in Philadelphia wants to admit. But this just doesn't work for me. LeBron in Philly makes no sense. Cleveland and the Patriots making a deal, connect, connect, connect, connect. Makes a ton of sense.