Colin Cowherd weighs in on ‘the most fantastic rumor ever’

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Colin Cowherd talks New England Patriots ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft. Find out why Colin thinks there could be big moves coming ahead of draft day.

COLIN COWHERD: I am going to give you the most fantastic rumor ever. And it's just not-- I'm not saying it's going to happen, but I just want to connect the dots. Here are three things we absolutely know to be true. John Dorsey runs the Browns. He is friends with Bill Belichick, who's the Patriots coach. And by the way, New England and Cleveland have made multiple deals here in the last several years. That's a fact.

Fact number two. Cleveland still isn't locked in to what quarterback they want to take or what player they want to take with number one pick. Fact. Another fact. Cleveland has the fourth pick. They can move the number one pick and still get a quarterback. And frankly, a really good franchise quarterback. These are facts.

Belichick Dorsey friends Cleveland-New England have made deals in recent years. Cleveland isn't locked in to their quarterback or player. There's a rumor out today they want say gwon Barkley. And number three is Cleveland still has the fourth pick. NESN-- this is a New England cable network. They're connected to New England. New England now has four of the top 69 picks. New England. Cleveland. Could the Patriots move into the number one slot?

Now just think about this for a second. This would be amazing. So we know that Bill Belichick was, lack of a better word, pest, when Jimmy Garoppolo had to be traded. Now we know Robert Kraft told Belichick this has been reported you've got to move him. But the reason Kraft had to move him is because Tom Brady and Kraft are close we always suspect that Belichick and Kraft there's resentment.

But there has been recent reports that Brady and Belichick, there is some resentment. In fact, Tom in his documentary, you know what Giselle said. Tom just wants to be appreciated, and Brady left that in. So I just want you to think about this. In the last three years, New England has given up draft picks and given Tom veteran players. That's what they did.

In fact, I'll give you a number here. In the last three drafts, the Patriots had one pick in the top 59. Every other NFL team had at least four. Most had six or more. So New England had a three-year plan. Let's support Tommy. They won a Super Bowl with that. They lost a Super Bowl. And they got to an AFC championship.

By any standard, it worked. But New England now has gotten rid of Dion Lewis, and Danny Amendola, and left tackle Nate Solder and right tackle Corey Fleming. They are getting rid of Tommy's guys. His best running back, his best deep threat, his best slot receiver. His left tackle. His right tackle.

OK. What if New England does give up these picks, works a deal with Cleveland to get the one of the four pick? What message is that to Brady? Tom, left tackle out. Deep threat out. Slot guy out. Running back out. And we're going to now draft another player at 40 that can't help you and wants your job. This is the world's greatest draft rumor.

We know there is resentment here. We know Belichick-- it's documented, written, reported-- is upset. We think it's Kraft who forced him to trade Garoppolo. But remember, Kraft got his marching orders from Brady. Now I know what you're saying. What are you saying? Belichick's going to-- he's trying to have a bad team? No. What he's saying is you made me get rid of Garoppolo. Well, I'm going to accumulate picks here. Go get another Garoppolo. And by the way, I still think with my coaching, I can end up as a really, really high-end team. I mean, Belichick's always thought that.

But if these-- if you start putting things together-- Dorsey and Belichick friends. Cleveland, New England have done deals. Cleveland doesn't know who they're taking. They don't have an absolute. New England's got a bunch of picks. And Cleveland still has the fourth pick. And New England desperately needs a quarterback. You know that. I know that. Brady's 40. Wow. Delicious. Fantastic. Juicy.

Listen, man. You've got to connect the dots in this business. New England needs a quarterback. New England's Belichick Dorsey. Cleveland's still got a four. They're accumulating picks. Belichick furious having to get rid of Garoppolo. Clearly needs another quarterback, and next year's a lousy draft. You think Belichick is going to go into next year having no plan beyond Brady? Why do you think they're accumulating these picks? They want a quarterback.