Colin Cowherd thinks LeBron sent a meaningful message last night against the Raptors

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James after the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Toronto Raptors last night. Find out why Colin thinks this win was big for LeBron's squad.

- Certain seasons aren't real long. The NFL season, the college football season, you know, the MLS season-- they're not that long. But then baseball is long. And the NBA season is long. And so what happens when you get these really long seasons is really great players pick their spots. Believe it or not, Derek Jeter wasn't as amped up in June against the Indians as he was in October against the Red Sox, OK?

So it's the reality of these long sports, and these long days, and these long seasons, people pick their spots. And I've said for years-- and Christine's been on this, and she's absolutely right-- Lebron's a message sender. Is that he's doing stuff through Instagram, and social media, and through his advertisers, and Lebron's a message sender. And some messages are tedious, silly, and vanity driven. And other messages mean stuff.

So last night, LeBron sent another message. And that message is, coffee is for closers, and the Toronto Raptors re team decaf. Once again, the LeBron asteroid killed the baby dinosaurs. So here comes Toronto, they want us to believe in them, they're so very Canadian. Even their biggest fan, Drake, is the suburban rapper. They're nice, and they've got depth.

The baby dinosaurs are not ready for the moment. The LeBron asteroid killed the baby dinosaurs again. And the thing is, with Toronto, they are a number one seed only a name. They're really a four or five seed-- and that's in the East. Let's be honest about this-- Gordon Hayward and Kyrie don't get hurt, the Celtics are the number one seed. LeBron, even with the reboot, probably a two seed.

John Wall out, now a minute's restriction, Washington-- probably a three seed if John Wall is healthy. And then if Markelle Fultz wasn't missing, didn't have a shoulder issue, or whatever it is psychologically, he can't shoot-- it's very possible that Philadelphia, a four seed, edging to be a three, would be a solid three seed.

Toronto is a number one seed in name only. And we've seen twice now, in the last couple of weeks, the Raptors coming to town, and you know they want these games. They've lost 13-17 to LeBron. They want these games, and they can't win these games.

Last night, Jose Calderon ate the Raptors alive. The problem with Toronto, their number one asset is depth, and depth in the playoffs is overrated. Because coaches all shorten the bench, and you don't play back to backs, so everybody's equally rested.

They don't ever closer-- does Toronto. They don't have a go to guy late. They shoot a lot of threes, don't hit a bunch. And last night, they couldn't stop LeBron or Jose Calderon. There are a number four to five seed. LeBron sent another message. And he does this-- he picks his spots, just like the Warriors did last night-- he picks his spot. And there's one of these games last night. It's on television, everybody is watching, it means something, there's a psychological advantage. And he again, squishes them.

I love Drake. Drake is the perfect number one fan for the Raptors. He's nice, he's likable, people root for him. This team is so Canadian. Who hates him? They're impossible. They have a nice coach, they have nice players, they have depth, they let everybody have the ball. But in the end, the message was sent-- coffee is for closers. The Raptors are team decaf.