Colin Cowherd unveils why the New York Giants control the 2018 NFL draft

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In his reaction to the report that the Buffalo Bills are trying 'like hell' to move up in the draft in order to secure a quarterback, Colin Cowherd unveils why he now believes the New York Giants control the 2018 NFL draft.

- There's a big story today. The Buffalo Bills are trying quote, "like hell," unquote to trade up and take a quarterback. So what Buffalo wants to do is what the Philadelphia Eagles, the Super Bowl champs, did last year. Philadelphia started at 13. They made trades before the draft to get to eight. Remember they traded a first round pick and Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell? So they had 13. They moved to eight. And then, they went eight to two. And they got Carson Wentz. That's what Buffalo, according to this story this morning, Jason La Canfora, CBS Sports, they want it. They've already gone from like 21. They've moved up to 12. Now they want to move up.

Now the question is, how far does Buffalo have to move up? Well, it's real simple. They're not moving up for a left tackle. The Buffalo Bills are moving up for a quarterback. I believe it's either Josh Allen. I think they'd like a big, strong kid who can throw it downfield. I think they'd like to move into the two spot if Dorsey doesn't take Sam Darnold. I think they like Darnold. I would guess they like a big physical kid.

So if you look at who's drafting ahead of Buffalo, they're in the 12th spot currently. We got little emojis here for the TV audience. Who's taking a quarterback and who's not? So we know the Browns at one and the Jets at three are. Nobody else needs one. But we also know there are three teams that could be talked into it-- Giants at two, Broncos at five, and Dolphins and 11. They got quarterbacks, but either they're old, marginal, or kind of ineffective-- Giants two, Broncos five, Dolphins 11.

Buffalo's not giving up a ton of picks to get burned by the number two New York Giants. I will say this again. The New York Giants control this draft. They've got a new general manager. They're in a division where Philadelphia is stacked for years, in a division where Washington's got multiple star players-- Kerrigan, Trent Williams, Josh Norman-- high end players, and now better at quarterback. They're in a division where Dallas has better personnel, 11 total picks, and only really needs an interior defensive lineman and a safety. Dallas is better than everybody thinks.

You're not catching up and getting better with Saquon Barkley. This is a unique opportunity for the Giants to be able to get multiple picks from an absolutely desperate franchise. Buffalo doesn't-- they don't have a starting quarterback now. So it very rarely, in this league, do you have an opportunity that a desperate football team calls you on the phone and that you know they're desperate and they know they're desperate.

A lot of a guy calls you on the phone-- well, we're really happy with what we have. But we are prospecting here. Buffalo's desperate. The Giants know they're desperate. And the Giants, according to stories, don't want a quarterback in a quarterback rich draft. The Giants could use five new offensive guys. I like their young tight end. I don't want to pay Odell what he wants. Nate Solder's good, arguably fourth best left tackle in that division. I like Snacks Harrison. Landon Collins is special. I don't know what I have with Eli Apple. The Giants have a lot of questions in a division with a loaded Eagle team and talented Washington and Dallas.

I'm not mentioning the other NFC teams. Rams are stacked Green Bay's got Aaron Rodgers. Seattle has Russell Wilson . San Francisco's now got Garoppolo. You want to change your roster, New York, this is it. Saquon Barclay's not solving those issues. So Buffalo, according to stories, would like to move up again. There's no way, in my opinion, they can risk a move up and not get to the number two slot, where maybe Sam Darnold or Josh Allen-- they'd take either-- falls to them. I think they'd make it happen. I think it's smart. I thought it was smart what Philadelphia did. Very excited.