Colin Cowherd reveals why the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA title despite the odds

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Colin Cowherd reacts to the NBA title odds and reveals why he thinks the Golden State Warriors will win the 2018 NBA title despite not being the favorites for the first time since 2015.

- Here are the NBA title odds. And oh, what do we have here? The Warriors are not the dominant favorite. The Warriors and the Rockets are six to five. First time in the last couple of years, not an overwhelming favorite.

I want to remind people of a year ago. The Warriors lost five of seven in March. I want to remind people that last year, the Warriors won 12 of their 17 playoff games by double digits. And I want to remind people of who the Warriors will play this year. If the season ended today, here's who they would open up with in the playoffs, Minnesota, a team that's taken the fewest threes in the league, a team that's best player, arguably Jimmy Butler, hasn't played in a month. This is not a good match up for Minnesota.

Then they would face Portland. Portland gave Golden State a real tough game in game one then lost by 29, 25, 12, and six. Kevin Durant missed two starts. It didn't matter. They bulldozed Portland, who is a really fun team to watch with an exciting back court. But that back court has always struggled stopping Steph and Klay, because Portland plays no defense in the back court. Great coach, fun watch, don't play back court defense, dead ducks.

Then they go to Houston, where Chris Paul, James Harden-- big fans of both and Mike D'Antoni, super cool dude-- have a history of not delivering great moments in NBA playoff history.

So I just want to remind people, the Warriors struggled last year in March. The Warriors crushed everybody in the playoffs. And at least with the first two teams they'd face this year, they do not match up well with Golden State.

Once veteran teams win titles, their biggest struggle is often not the opposition, it is apathy and lethargy and struggling getting up for a game against Milwaukee on a Tuesday and Denver on a Wednesday. The Warriors are going to win this title. And they're going to mostly win it easily.