Colin Cowherd says Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has not received enough respect

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Colin Cowherd breaks down the Seattle Seahawks’ ‘reset' and why quarterback Russell Wilson truly deserves the credit for Seattle’s past successes. Colin on Seahawks coach Pete Carroll: “He embraced the wrong thing years ago."

COLIN COWHERD: You know, I started the show talking about this, is that what the media likes isn't what NFL coaches and GMs like. I mean, the media likes comeback stories, and Marquette King, and Colin Kaepernick, and Johnny Manziel.

And NFL locker rooms, it's not baseball. Time is everything. Discipline. You got to be, I mean, dedicated.

The things that an NFL GM coach want, the media is off in la la land. What NFL coaches don't want is a social media star as a punter who's calling his own fakes and getting penalties in back to back games. No interest. Gruden got rid of Marquette King.

The media thinks it's unbelievably frustrating that Jon Gruden would let go of a flamboyant social media star who's a punter. What? The lack of alignment between NFL media and NFL coaches is astounding.

Like baseball's fun, and quirky, and goofy. There's no clock. There's 162 games. Every game's not urgent. The NBA, 82 regular season games. Stars rest regularly.

NFL. You play hurt, always. Time is everything. Can't screw up a play. You forget half a second on one play? Flag! Offside. Flag! Illegal motion. It's a different sport, a different culture.

But the people covering the NFL, they are on these storylines that don't align with the people who work in the NFL.

So the Seahawks, everybody loved them. The Seahawks were loud, and political, and flamboyant. And Pete Carroll put his arms around them. And they had the 12th man!

What is their identity now? They were 4 and 4 at home last year.

Marshawn Lynch, running down hill! They can't run the football. Worst running game in the NFL.

Legion of Boom! Old and expensive. Not that scary.

Seattle has no identity. You know why? Because Pete Carroll embraced loud. Player friendly, outspoken, contrarian, loose, political. He embraced the wrong thing years ago.

Russell Wilson has always been the rock of this franchise.

By the way, Russell Wilson has never been given a great deal of respect. I know because I read Twitter. Let me pass along a few things to remind you how good he is.

He led the NFL in touchdown passes last year. Don't ask me how. They had the league's worst offensive line and no running game. He has the second highest passer rating in league history, the eighth highest winning percentage. He's never lost three games. And the highest fourth quarter passer rating in league history.

Don't ask me how. He's never had an elite offensive line. And he's never even had an elite receiving core. Although, I did think Richardson and Doug Baldwin were pretty good. And I wish Jimmy Graham could still catch.

I just want to remind you, the defense has always been given credit here. And Pete Carroll's always been given credit here. This has always been Russell Wilson, his team.

Let me remind you what Pete Carroll was pre-- this is NFL-- pre Russell Wilson. Fired twice as a head coach. 7 and 9, 7 and 9 in Seattle.

Post Russell Wilson, 65, 30, and won two Super Bowls. 1 and 1. Could easily be 2 and 0.

Pete Carroll, the fans and the media embraced the fans' 12th man. Marshawn Lynch, legion of boom, loud, this, political, loose, contrarian. This is the rock of the franchise.

Second highest all time passer rating. Eighth all time winning percentage. Never lost three straight games. Inexplicably led the NFL in touchdown passes. I have no idea how. I have no idea.

If you said Tom Brady's got the worst O line in the league and no running game, I'm not sure Tom Brady would make it through October. Jared Goff, Matt Ryan wouldn't.

Russell Wilson has never been fully embraced by this organization. Their GM this weekend said, we're not rebuilding. We're resetting.

You're mostly rebuilding. The running game's gone. The O line's atrocious. You just lost your deep threat. You gave away a pass rusher, a good disruptor to Philadelphia. You got some rebuilding to do. Whether it's your entire franchise, or your just-- your O line, you have rebuilding to do.