Colin Cowherd reacts to Peter King’s report that the Browns want Josh Allen instead of Sam Darnold

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In his reaction to Peter King's report that Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey wants to draft Josh Allen instead of Sam Darnold, Colin Cowherd explains how this means the New York Giants just won the 2018 NFL draft.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - It is amazing-- life, business, Wall Street, Main Street, sports-- how often the great companies-- they deserve credit-- but have feasted on poorly run companies. In baseball, Ted Williams, Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Derek Jeter. Almost nobody hits the ace of the opposing staff.

You live on the number three guy, the number four starter, the number five starter, the middle reliever, the second best closer. Because nobody really hits great pitching, right? Nobody really hits Clayton Kershaw. And even in sports and in business, the big dogs feast on the poorly run companies.

Look at sports, for instance. I mean, that Warriors dynasty. You know why that was created? Because the historically irrelevant Minnesota Timberwolves took two guards before Steph Curry-- two point guards. And a dynasty was created. And the poorly run Charlotte Hornets gave up Kobe Bryant for Vlade Divac, a bag of marbles, and an end table. And the Hornets are still irrelevant and the Lakers got a dynasty out of it.

The poorly run Miami Dolphins, their doctors said no to Drew Brees. Drew Brees is still in New Orleans setting records. Portland passed on both Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant. They're now-- ones an icon, one's close to an icon, one had a dynasty. Warriors win this year. It's officially another dynasty.

Carson Wentz should have gone to Cleveland, but a poorly run franchise, the Browns, passed him up. And now the Eagles, who have been relevant in the NFL for most of the last 50 years, are really, really good in Super Bowl champs. To be great, you deserve a lot of credit. But it's remarkable how often the great teams and the great businesses feast on poorly run contemporaries.

And the story this morning, Peter King's column, he is being told by a source that Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey will not draft Sam Darnold. They'll draft Josh Allen. And who will benefit? The New York Giants, who have been relevant forever, who have four Super Bowl titles. They will absolutely take Sam Darnold.

That's nothing against the Warriors, but they feasted on the T-Wolves. And nothing against the Bulls and Pippen, but they feasted on Seattle. Dynasties are created through hard work and mistakes of poorly run franchises.

By the way, there's a real psychology here. Cleveland passed on Carson Wentz and the Browns have very low sports self-esteem. Carson Wentz was a no name kid. Huge arm, great at the combine. Big, tall athletic. Carson Wentz is Josh Allen, except way better.

And Cleveland passed on him and was mocked and people lost jobs and they were ridiculed. And Cleveland is now saying, we're not going to let it happen again. What quarterback in this draft shares the most characteristics with Carson Wentz who they passed on? Josh Allen.

But I will remind you-- let's put Josh Allen and Sam Darnold's numbers next to each other. Yeah, Sam played with better people, but played a significantly tougher schedule. Completion percentage touchdown to interception ratio, passer rating, wins-loss, yards per attempt. It's not even close. It is not even close.

This is your classic low sport self-esteem franchise passing on Carson Wentz and trying to make amends with Josh Allen, and it is absolutely remarkable in the history of sports. When you look at these dynasties-- the Lakers with Kobe, the Warriors with Steph-- how many teams-- 23-- passed on Aaron Rodgers? A lot of bad franchises that still don't have a quarterback.

The decision here is a really easy one. And according to Peter King, John Dorsey's about to hand the New York Giants more Super Bowls. It's the way it generally works. Well-run teams, relevant franchises feast on poorly run franchises and irrelevant franchises.