MLB Opening Day: Nick Swisher’s expectations for the Cubs in 2018

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Nick Swisher joins Colin Cowherd in studio on 'The Herd' to talk about the Chicago Cubs on 2018 MLB Opening Day.

- Now the Cubs, now the Cubs come off a year when they're not in the World Series. The starting pitchers all don't get two and three and four extra starts and don't press their arms. What do you expect from the Cubs?

NICK SWISHER: Just great things. I mean, you've got to remember, man, like I feel like for myself when I look at organizations, I look at the leaders of those organizations. And when you have a guy like Joe Maddon leading your organization, you feel like you are in great hands. I always feel like you have to look at the top of everything.

So for what happened to them last year? Maybe it was a hangover year. But this is a whole different ballgame. This is 2018. So I think for them, they're so excited to move forward. I think they're opening up in Miami. The first pitch the game was a home run by Ian Happ. So it's like they're ready. They know what type of squad they have. And I think in Chicago, man, the expectations are we expect to be there every year. And I think that's what Joe Maddon is trying to accomplish and doing a pretty doggone good job of it.