MLB Opening Day: Nick Swisher on what Giancarlo Stanton is bringing to the Yankees in 2018

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Nick Swisher joins Colin Cowherd in studio on 'The Herd' to talk about the New York Yankees on 2018 MLB Opening Day.

- A lot of pressure though. Could I make the argument, Nick? They are too reliant on the long ball. Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Sanchez.

- I mean, you can. But if you think about it-- I mean, think about what the New York Yankees are, what they strive to have-- in New York Yankee universe, if you don't win a World Series, that is a lost season. So that is back to where the expectations are today. And on top of last year's unbelievable run to bring in Giancarlo Stanton? I mean, you've seen him on the cover of Men's Health, man. This guy is yoked, right?

- Now these are-- it's interesting, because Aaron Boone told me-- he goes, "The greatest thing about our team, they're just dudes."


- Now he's-- now I said to him-- I said, "Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron, had a little party guy in him in Miami. Do you worry about that?"

NICK SWISHER: I think if you got to spend some time-- which I was fortunate enough to be in the locker room, to be around those guys, to enjoy all that once again. Which-- come on, man. You get to put the uniform on again? Just takes you back to memory lane. So to be able to be around those guys and to see the way that he interacts with all of his teammates, man.

This man is number one, respected. Number two, I mean, he's the reigning MVP home run leader, right? And he chose to come to New York. You have to remember that. He waived the no trade clause to come to New York. He wants to be part of that. He wants to win. He wants to win championships. And to be able to win championships, you got to have guys like this. I mean, this guy's a stud. It's almost-- it reminds me of the old murderer's row for the Yankees.