MLB Opening Day: Nick Swisher on Bryce Harper’s future with the Nationals

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Nick Swisher joins Colin Cowherd in studio on 'The Herd' to talk about Bryce Harper on 2018 MLB Opening Day.

- When you look at a Bryce Harper, where he's with an organization that has frankly underachieved in the postseason--

- Right.

- That is very fair to say.

- Of course.

- If you look at Gonzalez and Scherzer and Strasburg and their pen and that lineup--

- Right.

- -- there is no excuse-- they have been knocked out of the playoffs sooner-- and, by the way, is Rizzo the GM?

- Yeah.

- They have-- they have a good front office.

- Yeah.

- This, to me, is the underachieving-- and, again, I say that-- as a well-run organization, they have underachieved.

NICK SWISHER: It is very fair to say that.

- Do you feel like as a player-- Giancarlo Stanton was like, I want to win more games. I'm out of here. If the-- if the Nats again underachieve, how does a player think?


- Like is he like, Hey, man, I want to play in October. Do they think like that in baseball?

- Yeah. I mean, obviously. I mean-- but I'm not Bryce Harper. I mean, the kid's amazing, and he's going to break the bank with whoever team that he signs with. I also feel like you have to know the agency that he might be with and maybe, you know, who drives what deals and things like that and the relationships that go into there. But I also feel like a guy like Bryce Harper, man, I mean, he got the pick of the litter. I mean, there's not many young guys of his talent that are coming out for free agency.

You know, I mean, Manny-- Manny Machado might be another guy, but--

COLIN COWHERD: Hasn't he had injuries?

- Yeah, but you just-- you look for the future on those guys. For most baseball contracts, you get paid for what you've already done. Now, in the world, it almost gets-- you're getting paid for what you're about to do.

COLIN COWHERD: That's interesting.

- So I think, just in general, whoever gets a guy like--

- But Machado's a third baseman, so that's a more value--

NICK SWISHER: Shortstop now.

- Shortstop now? OK. So that's a more valuable position.

- Of course. Either way, man, whoever gets this guy, they're going to be extremely happy. I know he's going to break the bank. You just-- you hope that all that talk of his contract all year long from his teammates doesn't affect their on-field play.