The number 6 haunts LeBron James, but Colin Cowherd reveals how The King can change that

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Reflecting on ESPN's list of the 10 Most Influential Basketball Players of All Time, Colin Cowherd unveils his new theory on how LeBron James can eclipse Michael Jordan as the G.O.A.T. by leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- What is interesting is don't confuse great with influential. Karl Malone, the mailman, number two all time scorer. Nobody ever outside of Utah plays pickup basketball and says, OK, I'm Karl Malone. Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs. Great. How many people in the NBA now bank it in? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Influential, perhaps, off the court, yet nobody's ever mimicked the sky hook.

But this is where LeBron comes in. We all know-- Christine's pointed this out-- that LeBron is now using social media as a tool to elevate LeBron. But there still is an understanding. Michael Jordan, LeBron. I mean, it's an understanding, right? The number's always been six. The number's always been six. Michael Jordan, six championships. That's always been the number.

Now we know that LeBron is going to blow away Michael in points, rebounds, assists, finals appearance. We know that. So statistically Lebron's going to be above Michael. We know that. And he's going to blow him away in most things. It's that six, though. How could you trump the six? Because you're not going to go six for six because you've already lost several finals.

Let me change the number the one way to do it. The number is three. Go to your third team and win a championship, and be part of a mini-dynasty. Michael Jordan tried a second team. It was ugly, I'd say embarrassing. Michael Jordan tried a second sport. That was officially embarrassing.

This is why I think Lebron's moving. LeBron is sending all sorts of messages. He's chasing Michael. Why do you think he's so into the MVP? He's got his titles, he's got his money. He's checking the boxes on Michael Jordan, and he knows the one number he can never beat him at-- it's the only number he can never beat him at-- is six.

But he can change the narrative with three. I went to three cities and changed the league with all of them. I'm not here to tell you it's going to be the Lakers. Maybe it's Houston, maybe it's San Antonio. Perhaps it's the Sixers. But do not deny for a second that LeBron is watching numbers and he's keeping track. And he's going to blow away Michael in all of them except the number six.

Three for the only time would be better than six, and more than six, because we're going to look back in 30 years and go, the LeBron fella blows Michael away in all the numbers. And the only thing he doesn't beat him in is finals. But you can't hold out against him because Bill Russell's got 11, almost double Michael. So finals can't be the be all end all.

It's why I think LeBron's leaving. This year, for the first time in his life, he deeply cares about the MVP. It ain't about Harden. It's about Michael Jordan.