Colin Cowherd unveils the message the New York Giants are sending fans and the NFL on Odell

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In his reaction to the ongoing Odell Beckham Jr. saga in New York, Colin Cowherd unveils what general manager Dave Gettleman and the Giants' brass are really telling fans and other teams around the league by fielding offers for OBJ.

COLIN COWHERD: OK. So Adam Schefter came out and reported that the New York Giants would like two first round picks for Odell Beckham. Adam Schefter is accurate. So this is true.

What the Giants are saying is, we'll move him, but you-- they're sending a message. Now, this is how the-- this is how it works. When you get guys like Peter Schrager, and Jay Glazer, and Peter King, and Adam Schefter, and Chris Mortensen-- these are highly-read reporters. Teams send messages through reporters.

What the Giants are saying is, we're willing to move him. That's what the Giants are telling you. But they're also telling you, come with a legitimate offer. OK.

So when I-- I don't treat all reporters the same. There's about six guys that covered the NFL that are just better connected. OK. Schefter is one of them. OK.

This is a message from the New York Giants to every GM in the league. Because every GM reads about seven NFL guys. Six, seven guys-- all the NFL guys read them. And we've got a couple here at Fox. And people just read them. And this is a message-- he's for sale, but don't try to low ball us.

I think the Giants would take a first and a third. By the way, that's two starters in the NFL, especially for the New York Giants. Do I think Odell Beckham is worth-- worth a first round pick? Yeah. I don't think he's worth the-- he's not worth the first pick. But do I think he's worth a pick? Yes.

Do I think the New York Giants should move him? Yes. Not just because of some antics with Odell Beckham. The Giants are a rebuilding team. They just won't admit it. OK.

They-- their offensive line needs to be rebuilt. They don't have home-run running backs. Odell Beckham's missed 17 games in four years. Even if you keep him, he gets dinged up.

You know, defensive line-- JPP, they just let him go. Eli Apple has become concerning as a corner and his personality. He was called out by Landon Collins, who is great. So they've got some defensive players that I really like.

But I-- I said it yesterday-- we went and looked at Pro Football Focus, the top 14 players in the NFC East. And Philadelphia had six. And Dallas had five. And Washington-- and the Giants had two-- Odell Beckham Jr. and, like, Snacks Harrison. That's it.

New York, in that division-- by the way, the Giants have a really good left tackle. His name is Nate Solder. He's the fourth best left tackle in the NFC East. Tyron Smith of the Cowboys is one. Jason Peters of the Eagles is two. Trent Williams of the Redskins is three. And Nate Solder's four. And Nate Solder's one of their best players.

By the way, Snacks Harrison is their best player. He's not as good as Fletcher Cox. So even their players who are considered elite aren't as good as other players in the division who are elite.

The only two players the Giants have who are the best of their position in the division-- number one, without argument, Landon Collins, safety. Best safety in the division. After that, it's Odell Beckham.

But if you go to Pro Football Focus, where they grade receivers on a variety of things, he doesn't rate as the top receiver in that division. In fact, I think, last year, Nelson Agholor had a higher rating. Because, I mean, he-- you know, OBJ missed some games.

So if you are rebuilding-- Giants, you're rebuilding that offense. I mean, you are. You don't think-- you just admit it. You know, in house, you are. Like, people-- it's funny, we all know who's rebuilding.

San Francisco's rebuilding. Indy's rebuilding. Cleveland's rebuilding. They just admit it. There' like-- there's some teams in this league that-- like, Seattle and the New York Giants are rebuilding. But they don't want to sell it to their fan base.

Seattle's got a rebuilder offensive line. Outside of Doug Baldwin, what wide receiver scares anybody now? They're getting very average in the secondary, outside of Earl Thomas.

I mean, outside of Bobby Wagner, you could pretty much take most of Seattle's defensive guys now. I mean, they gave away Michael Bennett. It's all I'm saying.