Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams as of March 27, 2018

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Colin Cowherd really likes these 10 teams in the National Football League going into the 2018 NFL Draft.

- So here we go. This is our Herd Hierarchy.

NARRATOR: Herd Hierarchy.

VOICE: Time is now. Let's go.

NARRATOR: The top 10 NFL teams according to Colin. Number 10.

- Um, You laughed last year when I said the Rams would double their win total. I think the San Francisco 49ers are going to be a top 10 team in the league. I think they have a great GM, a great coach in Kyle Shanahan. They nailed the draft last year. Virtually, everybody they drafted, played.

They added Richard Sherman, they added running back, Jerick McKinnon, they added an elite center, Weston Richburg, from the New York Giants, their best offensive lineman. And they've got really good draft picks.

San Francisco is my Rams and my Carolina Panthers of a year ago. Great coach, great leadership, franchise quarterback, Garoppolo's never lost as a '9er, or 5 and 0. They're not ready to win the Super Bowl. I'm not sure they're ready in the NFC to win a playoff game, but they're ready to get there. San Francisco at 10.

NARRATOR: Number 9.

- Say it again, Dallas. 10 draft picks and only about one really pressing need. Safety. Now, I think they need to add a receiver. Oh, wait. They did. Allen Hermes. I think they could use an interior lineman. It's a pretty good draft for that. And counting compensatory picks, they've got 10 draft picks.

Listen, Dallas is good. Just say it out loud. O-line, excellent. Pass rushers, young and talented. Not that expensive. Running back, star franchise quarterback, Hall of Fame tight end. Two really good, productive linebackers. And promising corners.

I like Dallas. They have needs, but I think they're the ninth best team going into the season.

NARRATOR: Number 8.

- Hate to break it to you, but Indianapolis and Andrew Luck. They dominated it when he was healthy. He's been healthy for months. They just haven't advertised it. Now they're going to get multiple picks, four in the first two rounds. That'll be four starters.

The new GM, Chris Ballard, has already flipped about 40% of this team. They'll be better coached. Luck is healthy.

I still don't buy Tennessee as a real threat. I think Jacksonville pulls back now. I think Houston's they're a real threat. Indianapolis at number 8.

NARRATOR: Number 7.

- I think Houston and Indianapolis, as long as Deshaun Watson is healthy, dominate the division for a long time. They've added Honey Badger. Offensive lineman, Zach Fulton. JJ Watt comes back.

We also know Deshaun Watson, in his brief stint as a starting quarterback, looked transformative. Houston and Indy are going to make the AFC South a really, really good division, led by two star quarterbacks, and now two offensive head coaches for the next decade.

NARRATOR: Number 6.

- Pittsburgh. Listen, I don't like the way they match up all the time with New England. But offensively, two Pro Bowlers up front. Best receiver outside of Jerry Rice and Randy Moss, perhaps ever, Antonio Brown.

Le'Veon Bell's a stud at running back. JuJu Smith-Schuster is the next great wide receiver.

I do think there are limitations. Ryan Shazier is one of those Sean Lee linebackers, Luke Kuechly, that really had influence over the middle of the field defensively. But I have Pittsburgh at 6.

NARRATOR: Number 5.

- New Orleans has a great coach, a Hall of Fame quarterback, and all sorts of young talent. The Saints shocked me and the world last year. Now they're on everybody's radar.

Drew Brees, like Brady, is as good as anybody playing this game. And that includes Aaron Rodgers. I have New Orleans, fifth best team in the league, with some real inertia. A real momentum now, off last year.

NARRATOR: Number 4.

- New England. They lost Nate Solder. That matters. Dion Lewis, they'll replace him at running back. They already have with Jeremy Hill. They've upgraded defense. Danny Shelton on the interior can really play. Adrian Clayborn, probably past his prime, but a good pass rusher.

New England rebuilds and reloads. Julian Edelman comes back. Brady's back. Gronk's back. Stable of running backs. They'll be fine, although I don't think they're as talented as the next three rosters.

NARRATOR: Number 3.

- Minnesota. Now eventually, because what they paid Kirk Cousins, they're going to have to shred some of these defensive players. But I like their coach, I like their defense, and Kirk Cousins, I mean, he's not Matt Ryan, he's not Drew Brees. But he can play upgraded quarterback, and I think, once again, Green Bay is going to be looking up at Minnesota despite Aaron Rodgers for the next couple of years.

NARRATOR: Number 2.

- Good god. Do the Rams have a weakness? You do get they have the best defensive tackle in the game, and now the best pure corner in the game, and the best offensive line in the game, and maybe the best receiving corps in the game.

And they're interested, by the way, in Odell Beckham and one of the top three left tackles in the game, and one of the best offensive lines in the game. And they've added Ndamukong Suh with the best kicker in the game and the best punter in the game, and one of the best defensive coordinators in the game.

Rams are stacked. They're absolutely stacked.

NARRATOR: Number 1.

- Philadelphia. They get Carson Wentz back. The culture right now is really cool. Seahawks gave away Michael Bennett. They gave him away. With that defensive line, adding Michael Bennett, yeah. I like them a lot.

They also just added wide receiver, Mike Wallace, a home run guy. Haloti Ngata on the defensive line interior. Now, they did lose Frank Reich, a good coach. Don't love that.

But I think Doug Pederson, Howie Roseman, Carson Wentz, and a very, very good offensive and defensive line. They have the best combo of O-line, D-line in the NFL. Philadelphia, right now, best team in the NFL.