Colin Cowherd: ‘With Lonzo Ball there is a lot of emotion’

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Colin Cowherd talks Lonzo Ball's rookie year with the Los Angeles Lakers Find out why he thinks Ball's season has been pretty good despite the criticism.

- Well you know, the great thing about sports is all the emotion and the passion. That's the great thing about sports. But we also have to admit that as the emotion rises, the accuracy sinks. I've always said this-- go to a message board or a sports radio station right after a game. And people have fired the coach, dumped the quarterback. As our emotion is up here, our accuracy tends to dip. So I've always felt-- I'm kind of, not the jury, not the defendant, not the prosecutor-- I'm sort of the judge in this. I'm a judge. I come in. I try to take the emotion out of it. I've been saying that for years. So it's funny. Last night, Lonzo Ball had a very, very good night for the Lakers. But there's an emotional connection to his dad, and a lot of people don't like his dad. His dad doesn't bother me, but a lot of people don't like him. So there's passion with Lonzo Ball. He is discussed. He has analyzed. You don't like his dad. His brother just declared for the draft, even though he won't even get drafted. With Lonzo Ball, there's a lot of emotion. He's a Laker. Magic said he's going to be a Hall of Famer.

You hate the Lakers. Beat LA. Hate. Emotion. Dad. Crazy. LaVar. A lot of emotion with Lonzo Ball. As the emotion rises for fans, the accuracy sinks. Everybody has been critical of Lonzo Ball, who played very well last night. And yet, it's interesting, everybody loves all these young Philadelphia 76er players. Everybody loves these Philadelphia 76er players. So let me just take the emotion out of it. Lonzo Ball is averaging 10 points, seven rebounds, seven assists as a rookie.

In the last decade-- in the last decade-- six NBA players have done that. Maybe you've heard of him-- LeBron, Westbrook, James Harden. Draymond Green. A guy you love, Ben Simmons, and a guy you think is overrated, Lonzo Ball. 10, seven, seven. And by the way, Ben Simmons has a star to pass to-- Joel Embiid. Lonzo Ball's passing to Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, KCP and, when he's healthy, Brandon Ingram. Brook Lopez. By the way, Lonzo is doing 10, seven, and seven. He plays in the West In the history of the NBA, the Western Conference has never been deeper at point guards. Who's the fifth-best point guard in the west? There's Harden. There's Westbrook. There's Steph. There's Chris Paul. There's Damian Lillard, who's getting MVP votes-- top 15 player in the league. Damian Lillard, who will get MVP votes, who has been filthy all year, could be the fifth-best point guard in the West.

That's who Lonzo plays every night. Lonzo Ball has guard those guys every night. Ben Simmons, who's been the de facto point guard for the Sixers this year, he's been controlling the point-- the best point guards in the East are tiny, always hurt. Kyrie Irving, hurt again. John Wall hasn't played. Kyle Lowry can't really shoot. Kemba Walker-- his team tried to trade him this year. And Eric Bledsoe, who once played in the west and nobody knew it. He was invisible.

So let's go to the 10 seven and seven Western Conference Lonzo, who we've over-analyzed, over-scrutinized, over-criticized. Let's go to the rookie year of Joel Embiid, who you all love. Oh, he didn't play a game. Nor did he play a game in his second year. And you love him. Ben Simmons' rookie year. OK, let's go to Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons was inactive. He didn't play a single game. OK Markelle Fultz. He debuted last night. People cheered because he hit the rim. Yeah, they put him in the witness protection program this year to hide how bad his shot had faltered.

You all love the Sixers' young players. You love them. Embiid-- social media star. Ben Simmons-- best all time. Markelle Fultz-- don't you dare criticize his wacky shot. Markelle Fultz just got released from witness protection. Joel Embiid year four, still playing 31 minutes a night. That's it. And Ben Simmons hasn't made a three in the NBA career. He won't shoot them. He can hit them.

I'll give you another example of the criticism and how lopsided it is because of LaVar Ball, Magic, and expectations. It has been well documented that Lonzo is not a very good free throw shooter. That's been discussed, talked about. A narrative. And it's true. Lonzo Ball is not a good free throw shooter, which is sort of problematic because he's a guard-- a point guard-- he's going to be handling the ball late in games, so that's a story and we've talked about it a lot and that's totally fair.

But you know who we haven't talked about that's also a lousy free throw shooter? Ben Simmons. And nobody talks about it. Before you fall in love with Embiid, Simmons, and Markelle Fultz, examine their rookie years and then examine Lonzo's in the far superior west with the most loaded deck of point guards in my life. Where Damian Lillard feels like a night off after facing Steph and Westbrook and Harden and CP3. Lonzo is going to be fine. He's facing better competition, more scrutiny, the loaded west, Magic's initial hyperventilating. Last night, he was really, really good like he's been on several nights this year. And unlike Embiid and Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz, he's been available his rookie year.