Colin Cowherd unveils how the NY Giants could move Odell Beckham Jr. and rebuild with six draft picks

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In his reaction to Adam Shefter's report that Odell Beckham Jr. is on the trading block, Colin Cowherd unveils how the New York Giants could move OBJ and completely rebuild with six picks from the 2018 NFL draft.

- You ever see a restaurant, you drive by it, and it's got that under new management sign on it? What that's really saying is, nobody ate here. You do realize the Giants, not only literally, but figuratively, are under new management? They just haven't put the sign up yet. We know the Niners, and the Cleveland Browns, and the Buffalo Bills, and the Indianapolis Colts, they've advertised, hey, under new management here. We're changing the menu.

But the Giants are a proud franchise with a couple of Super Bowls in the last 10, 15 years. They're removing the awning. They haven't put the sign up yet. You do realize they're rebuilding too, just like Indy, and Cleveland, and Buffalo? They let Jay JPP go, their best edge rusher. Their top offensive lineman at center, he's gone too. And Odell Beckham, according to Adam Schefter, is on the trading block.

The Giants are rebuilding. You do realize Philadelphia, Washington, and the Dallas Cowboys, and the New York Giants. I went to Pro Football Focus-- the grades last year in the NFC East. Here's the top 15 players in-- in-- the NFC East. I'll just give you the team they play for. Dallas, Dallas, Philly, Philly, Philly, Dallas, Giants, Philly, Philly, Dallas, Dallas, Giants, Washington, Philly, Philly. They don't have many great players. One of them they have is Odell Beckham, and he's not overly durable, and about to get absurdly expensive.

The Giants have the fourth best talent in the NFC East. You do know that, right? You know they're not close to Philadelphia. According to grades at Pro Football Focus, the Cowboys have 10 picks, and have one real need-- safety. Dallas has better players. And let me make the argument, so do the Washington Redskins. Alex Smith is better than Eli. They've got an elite corner, Josh Norman. Chris Thompson's a wonderful third down back. Jordan Reed, Ryan Kerrigan.

Trent Williams is a better left tackle right now than Nate Solder. In the NFC East, there is only one position, maybe two most, the Giants have the best player-- wide receiver.

New York, it's not difficult. You're rebuilding. You're under new management. You're changing the menu. You're just too proud to acknowledge it. You're fiddling around with the awning. Buffalo, Cleveland, Indy-- they're all telling everybody. San Francisco, yep, we're under new management. We're not too proud, we'll trade down.

And the New York Giants, in the next 24 hours, could get six draft picks really easily. They could trade the number two pick, Arizona, Buffalo, and get three, four picks. They could get Cleveland Odell Beckham, and get two more. What are you waiting for?

Never forget that under new management is basically acknowledging nobody ate here. Our menu sucked. The Giants right now-- it does with both of those. You've got an opportunity. Don't be too proud. Don't get caught up in your history. You're the fourth most talented team in your division. You could move a pick in a non-durable wide receiver, and rebuild in a day.

Do it.