Colin Cowherd reacts to the report that the New York Giants are open to trading Odell Beckham Jr.

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In his reaction to the breaking news report that John Mara and the New York Giants are open to fielding trade offers for the controversial Odell Beckham Jr., Colin Cowherd reveals why this could turn out to be the best scenario possible for the G-Men if they use this opportunity to acquire more picks and rebuild through the 2018 NFL draft.

- What newspaper was it? "The New York Daily News" reporting Giants were open to offers for Odell Beckham Jr. God, it's like the world's opening up for the Giants. Hopefully, they don't screw it up. I mean, this is great. Cleveland could actually-- you know, Cleveland could say, we'll give you our number four pick because the Browns have the first and the fourth pick. Cleveland could take their quarterback, Sam Darnold, and then get Odell Beckham.

So Sam Darnold walks into the league with a superstar wide receiver. That would be great. And all you have to give up is a four pick. And I mean, Cleveland's got a ton of picks-- give up a first and a second-round pick. Cleveland-- how many picks has Cleveland have? They've got more picks than they know what to do with. So Cleveland could get their quarterback, Sam Darnold, and get a superstar wide receiver. And all they have to give up is a fourth pick and, you know, probably a third rounder.

And then the Giants would get-- have the second pick-- have the fourth pick. I mean, come on-- Giants-- oh, lord. I mean, listen-- Odell Beckham's actions don't bother me for a wide receiver. He's not my quarterback-- I don't care. But if somebody came to me and gave me the fourth pick in the draft for Odell Beckham and a second-rounder for Odell Beckham. And I could get the headache out of town-- god, in a heartbeat.

The Giants have to be honest here. Their roster isn't close to as good as the Eagles. And their roster isn't close to as good as the Cowboys. I don't think it is. I think it's much more aligned with Washington and how Washington upgraded at quarterback. New York's got to get some players. And this is a great time-- great time. Give up Odell Beckham. Give the New York Giants the number four pick, and you can have Sam Darnold and Odell Beckham.

Literally, they come in together, and Sam's got a superstar wide receiver, which would, no question, Hugh Jackson's an offensive guy, would elevate the chances for Darnold to succeed at least early. He'll succeed. That would help him succeed as a rookie. Wow-- wow, wow, wow. And the Giants would have the second pick and the fourth pick. What would I do if I was the Giants with the second pick and the fourth pick? I'd still trade the second pick down, or I'd get a quarterback.

If I was the Giants, I'd draft-- now, I have the luxury. I'd take Josh Rosen or whoever I thought was the second-best quarterback. Rosen probably be it. And then the fourth pick? I think I could still get Saquon Barkley.

MAN: At that point, you'd be starting over. So there'd be no reason not to take a quarterback at number two.

- Yeah.

MAN: At that point, you're not trying to win right now.

- Or if you believe in Eli that much, you could get Saquon Barkley with a second, Quenton Nelson, offensive lineman, with a fourth. I mean, so you would have Nate Solder at left tackle. You'd put-- yeah, probably, right guard or left guard. Interior linemen, you'd have Quenton Nelson. You'd have Saquon Barkley. You'd have Eli Manning.

Giants have a decent-- Sterling Shepard's a wide receiver for them. Giants' wide receiving corp is not the problem. They have a good tight end, and they've got enough wide receivers. You know, their issue is they need a surplus of young talent. They could use a running back. They could use offensive lineman. Jet, that's just an offense. That's exciting. Browns have-- let's see-- Browns have the number one and number overall pick this year. They have the three second rounders, a third rounder, and two-fourths and two-fifths-- good god.

By the way, Jarvis Landry went to college with Odell Beckham at LSU. He just sent him a tweet. He said, come on Browns, reunite me with my brother, OBJ. That is Jarvis Landry who is now a member of the Cleveland Browns. They went out and got him from Miami. Interesting stuff. Wow.

MAN: They still have Josh Gordon, by the way, too. So that would be a fun receiving room.

- Josh is, by the way--

- Wouldn't work.

- --absurdly talented.

- Ha, wouldn't work.

- Yeah, Cleveland doesn't need premiere players. But I would tell you, if-- again, it depends on, for instance, people talk about the Rams getting Odell Beckham. Do the Rams believe this morning they're good enough to win the Super Bowl? My answer is yes. And that offense runs totally through Todd Gurley and the left tackle and Jared Goff and Robert Woods. I don't think they need Beckham. I think it's disruptive.

The Rams run through Gurley. That's Sean McVay is the most important guy. Gurley is two. And then it's Goff three. Where would you put Odell Beckham? Because he's not going to come and get 15 targets. Between Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp and good tight ends and Todd Gurley, if he could get nine targets a game, that would be a ton. That would be an absolute ton.