Forget Vibranium, Colin Cowherd introduces a new periodic element behind The King’s superhero season

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In his reaction to several, star players being sidelined throughout the 2018 NBA season with injuries, Colin Cowherd breaks down how Cleveland's LeBron James has managed to stay miraculously healthy in his 15th season, unveiling a crucial discovery about The King that will rock the scientific world.

- The NBA's introduced private planes, fewer back-to-backs, longer All-Star break, nutritionists, chefs, masseuses, more off days during the season, yet I'm going to give you a list of guys and how many games they've missed. Jimmy Butler, 18. Chris Paul's missed 21. Kawhi Leonard's missed 65. James Harden, 8. Anthony Davis, 7 Greek Freak, 5. Kevin Durant, 13. Steph Curry, 22. Blake Griffin, 17. Kyrie Irving, 13. Add another 10 to that.

LeBron James hasn't missed any. Top 13 scorers, he's the only non guard that hasn't missed a game. So I mean, I've said this again, they say Kyrie Irving's injury is a knee. I'd check his back. Try carrying a team, Kyrie. Without LeBron, it's pretty heavy.

Got to score 28 a night, you know? I mean, with a lot of these guys, I just don't think they understand it. By the way, we didn't even put John Wall on that list. We didn't put, did we put Gordon Hayward on that list? Did we put Isaiah Thomas on that list? Did we put Kevin Love on that list? I don't think we did.

I don't, it is amazing that the league's never done more for the players. And it's never done more for the players' health ever. And everybody's hurt. So at some point, I mean you're either willing to play through some of these injuries or you're not.

I mean, you're, by the way, we'd like to introduce a new element to the periodic chart. Remember that chemistry class you went to as a kid, you know, junior high, high school? They had the periodic table. Carbon, hydrogen, gold, silver, oxygen, titanium, uranium, lithium, iron, calcium, sodium, that kind of thing.

We discovered a new element after this weekend hearing the news of Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving's injury. They got hurt again. And this is going to kind of rock the scientific world. And we do wish that Stephen Hawking, who passed away last week, was still alive to tell about our amazing discovery.

But if you look closely at the periodic chart, something popped in this weekend that we'd never seen before. Look right there. It's LeBronium. The symbol is LB, it's LeBronium. And we hear it's stronger in the spring. It's able to withstand the rigors of a long winter.

Scientists are baffled with its durability. And it's a new symbol. It's around titanium and plutonium. You can see it there. Let's zero in on it one more time. It's called LeBronium, and it has been, we discovered it this weekend. It's been added to the periodic chart.

And it's very exciting news. Sort of blowing away the scientific community. LeBronium has been added to the periodic chart. You know, I've got to thank my staff for finding stuff like this. You guys really put in the extra time. I didn't even ask you to look at a periodic chart.