Colin Cowherd unveils the message LeBron James is sending us in his 15th NBA year

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Reflecting on LeBron James' stellar game against the Brooklyn Nets where he posted 37 points and 10 boards to lead the Cavs to their 4th victory since Tyronn Lue's absence, Colin Cowherd reveals the message The King is sending the rest of the NBA in his 15th season. Do you agree with Colin?

- I am not a big believer in coincidences. I'm just not. I kind of, you know, and I could be very wrong on this. But I kind of believe, you wake up in the morning, you have some goals, you go out and get them, try to achieve them. If not, you keep them on the list for tomorrow, you go out the next day and you achieve whatever you wanted to achieve.

It could be taking your kid to a Little League practice. It could be having a meeting with somebody in sales. You know, whatever it is, I mean, I don't really buy that like, it's a crazy coincidence. This and this happened and nobody told me about it. And those people met and they said they wanted to meet with me, but they never met with me.

If you're not in a meeting and people met, they didn't want you in the meeting. That's my point. I don't believe in coincidences. You know that I think LeBron James is great, and arguably the best player of all time. The Swiss army knife of the NBA. His durability is unmatched in the history of the league, including MJ and all the great players.

But I also admit he can be, you know, a little cryptic. He can send messages. He can, I think some of it just is he's bored out of his mind. I mean, Michael Jordan retired. Did he get bored? Did he want to do something else? I mean, some of this is LeBron like dominating for 15 years, best player in the league for 12. I think he's just bored.

But I don't buy coincidences. I don't believe that if two people met and you weren't in the meeting, they didn't want you in the meeting. I don't, so just listen. So Ty Lue is the coach to the Cavs. He has to briefly have a sabbatical. I have chest pains. And so he sits out for four games.

In those four games, Lebron's 35 points, nine rebounds and 11 assists. By the way, about the same time that Tyronn Lue has to leave as head coach because of chest pains, Kyrie Irving, who dumped LeBron for the Celtics, also gets hurt and misses a bunch of games.

So I want you to think about this zany coincidence. That Ty Lue, LeBron's head coach, chest pains, got to sit down. About the same time, Kyrie Irving, who dumped LeBron, gets hurt. And here in March, year 15, points, rebounds, assists, LeBron suddenly has the greatest statistical month, pause, ever. And you want me to believe that's a coincidence.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That is not a coincidence. It is not a coincidence. What LeBron is doing, is what LeBron does all the time. It's the criticism of him that I think is fair. He sends messages. He's passive aggressive. What LeBron is saying is, hey James Harden, you have a great coach and a great system and a great teammate.

Hey Kevin Durant, you have a great cast, you have a great system and a great head coach. I don't need either. Hey Kyrie, I don't get hurt. Hey Ty Lue, I don't need you. I don't need a superstar teammate. I don't have a head coach. I don't have a great system and I don't get hurt. I am the system.

Great system? Nope. Coach? Nope. Superstar team? Nope. Injuries? Nope. Suddenly LeBron in his last four games has had the greatest statistical run. March is his greatest month ever. He had 37 yesterday, his second best dunk of the year. May have been the second best dunk of the NBA season after his first best dunk against, I forget who. Was it the Lakers, the Heat, I forget who it was, about a week ago.

LeBron's never ever in the history of his career played this well offensively in the same two weeks stretch Ty Lue is out and Kyrie Irving's out. There you go. What he's telling you is, I don't need either. You don't have to like it. It's passive aggressive. It's cryptic, but don't kid yourself. Coincidences, don't buy 'em.

If your boss and another guy vying for your position meet and they tell you they wanted to invite you, but they forgot, it wasn't a coincidence. They didn't want you in the meeting. Yeah, it just doesn't make sense. LeBron in March is averaging 32, 10, 10 shooting 57% and 40% from 3-point. Yeah, I mean of all the months in 15 years, this is the best one. Yeah, he's putting forth the best effort to send a message.